Mandolin Manny and Friends

Phone Number: +18312613978

Address: 1348 Via Colonna Terr.

City: Davis

 Mandolin Manny and friends are a modern take on a bluegrass band. Their sound is steeped in tradition while pushing the boundaries of the string band format and dipping into the many influences from their eclectic collective of musicians. The group was founded in Davis, California by singer and front-man Manny Kaminer through his exploration of Bluegrass mandolin and the alliteration stuck. Although he mostly plays lead guitar these days, mandolin is still one of the major focal points for Mandolin Manny and Friends.

In late 2020, Mandolin Manny released his first of two EPs. Most of these songs were written during quarantine and represent a longing to wander and be free, This was followed up in Spring of 2022 with three song EP, Here’s to You. The songs featured on this latest EP reflect appreciation for the people in Manny’s life and the realities of time’s passing.

Mandolin Manny can be found performing all around the Central Valley and Northern regions of California.