Sidesaddle & Co.

Phone Number: +18318018742

Address: 631 Rosa Morada Rd

City: Hollister

Sidesaddle & Co., based in San Jose California, has been captivating audiences with their unique acoustic sound since 1979 when the band was first established. The five members of the band come from an interesting variety of musical backgrounds, which come alive in their repertoire of primarily traditional Bluegrass music, seasoned with vintage Country, Irish, Cajun and Cowboy Western. Their popularity is extended further by including Gospel, Folk, Novelty and Comedy. Billboard Magazine has called their music “superbly melodic.” Critics have hailed their performances as “sophisticated and highly entertaining” and their harmonies “impeccable.”

“Sidesaddle & Co. combines the best of traditional and modern ideas. They use their abilities to evoke feelings and pictures in the heart and mind of the lucky listener.”
Eddie & Martha Adcock

“Their fiercely loyal fans eat it up.”
San Jose Mercury News, CA

Sam Mitchell, Bluegrass Unlimited

“You have many followers among thousands that come back each year looking forward to your performance. We would like to compliment you on your professionalism and dynamic performance.”
Entertainment Chair, Gilroy Garlic Festival