The Quitters Duo

Phone Number: +15103064809

City: Castro Valley

The Quitters, Stevie Coyle and Glenn Houston, explore a wide range of Americana music, both acoustic and electric, ranging from acoustic fingerpicking to Chicago-style electric blues, with a generous sprinkling of original material thrown in.

Quote from The Strawberry Music Festival: “Stevie Coyle and Glenn Houston
make up the dynamic guitar duo, The Quitters. Having each quit some of the
best bands in the business, both are late founding members of  The Waybacks
and each have performed at Strawberry in other configurations. Stevie Coyle
has a long and illustrious career as an entertainer that began well before
birth and Glenn Houston’s well decorated history in music is best known to
berry heads for his founding role of powerhouse Americana quintet, Houston
Jones. As individuals, both are renowned players in music circles. Now they
have joined forces, to the delight of California audiences, to become a
right-handed, right-side up fingerpicking and left-handed upside down
flatpicking twosome. Mostly acoustic. Some electric. Much serendipity.”