Bass Log Quarantine Day 1177

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Another month and I’m still hanging in there, still reasonable and mostly sane. There is something to be said about maintaining both of those conditions. How about all you out there in the universe? I hope you’re at least as reasonably sane or maybe even better.

Among the things that I was trying to get the nerve up to do was play some masked social distanced music but because there seems to be plenty of unmasked and un-distanced folks everywhere, I decided to dial back my expectations and to find another couple of big doses of patience and mindfulness. What I am finding though, is that these two metaphysical therapeutics are becoming more and more scarce and not just for me but it would appear for many of the yahhoos out in the world but I’m going to check around my cabin here as hopefully I’ve stashed a little of each, enough to tide Linda and me over for a few more months.

I heard during my last weekly live stream on Facebook (Thursday’s at 5:00) that some of my jam buddies were getting together for some social distanced jamming. I don’t know about the masked part but I expect it was a mixed bag. Hard to sing in a mask. I am certainly envious of them but I’m still way too cautious to consider doing it. It seems that San Mateo County, where these guys are from generally, is doing better with their “flattening” than Santa Clara County where I live so I’m still holding back.

The Turn Your Radio Online shows helped me weather June. I watched all of them and was impressed by all the talent and maybe even more so the production team. I’m sure it was a huge team and they pulled it all together to produces some really good shows. I did have a pause regarding Tim O’Brien’s set in the finale. With all that is going on in the country and the world, I wasn’t comfortable watching 5 people in that small room inside, singing close together. Their set was awesome but I wish a little different behavior was modeled but that’s just my $.02.

I mentioned in my last couple of columns that I have turned off my television for the 2 hours of nightly regurgitation that is called the News (or is gnus or maybe knews.) Whatever you want to call it, I’m not watching anymore. Instead I have a happy hour and post on Facebook everyday at ~5:00 ish calling it my news. I can tell you it’s hardly ever profound and mostly not political but hopefully it is relevant and sometimes humorous or entertaining. I began posting in early March and have managed to post every day at a ~5:00. Somewhere along the way, in this long lonely quarantine, I segued into an occasional live stream on Facebook in lieu of the post. Now I’m doing a live stream every Thursday at 5:00. Fifteen minutes of me talking at you about whatever is on my curious and some may say twisted mind. Going all cliché on you now, I told you that to tell you this. Tonight’s the night. Check me out at 5:00 today for all the latest. Bring a drink. I’ll be having a good tequila and a beer.

Without gong out to jam, musically I’m working on recording my bass using Garageband and my iPad through an iOS interface device. There’s lots of learning going on. Currently, I’m using my Realist Pickup mounted under the bridge and running it through my Acoustic Image Contra amp through the line out port to the interface device. I think I‘m getting close to a good sound recording template but still having some problems with low-end notes but I believe that is my chops (fingers on strings) and not the process. I’m taking suggestions if any one has any knowledge they would like to share on this. I’m also willing to talk about what I’m learning if anyone is interested.

I will be updating my progress on this activity and probably much more including my reasonableness and sanity on today’s Live Stream at 5:00.

I hope you can grab a drink and tune in. Just go to my Facebook page and you will find my pretty face and big mouth there. I’m the Dave Williams playing bass in my profile pic. Be careful there are lots of us. Accept no substitutes.

Stay reasonably sane everyone. See you next month.  

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