Bluegrass and Chaos

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The mind. The mind is created by the brain. The neuroscientists don’t know exactly how the brain does it. They can’t identify exactly which part(s) of the brain are responsible for creating consciousness, which in turn creates the “self” that we call “us,” which identifies the “you,” the “I”, the “me.”

Our minds start out simple enough. Little by little the mind takes in information and stores it in our brain, and as the years go by there is a vast amount of information in our memory “bank.” The years seem to go by slowly when we are young, and quickly when we are old, even though they all go by at the same rate.

From birth to some point in our consciousness we don’t think too much about how our body goes through all of the changes it does. From the cradle to almost near the grave we are so involved in the process of living and surviving that we don’t fully realize how our bodies change through the years, and when we take the time to analyze ourselves it gets scary. Tolstoy said, “The greatest surprise in a man’s life is old-age.” Surely that also applies to women.

If we even reach the point of not having to work for a living (retirement for many), we may find that this is a time when the mind is released from its “prison” that has held it captive by necessary forced focus that provides food, shelter, clothing, raising children, and other requirements that we had no idea existed when we were, in our own minds, immortal through high-school and a few years beyond.

Which begs the question, “What then does the mind do. Where does it go? To what does it latch on to?” The potential for new focus is unlimited. Thousands, maybe millions, or billions, or trillions of things on which to bond.

If you are involved in “Mind Fullness,” then you come to understand that the mind has a life of its own. The mind has a life of its own. You (whatever “you” is) cannot stop automatic thoughts that constantly jump into our awareness. Thoughts that are bizarre, weird, and scary. And chaotic. But Mind Fullness teaches us that our thoughts are not us. Those daytime automatic thoughts, in my

opinion, are like dreams we have night; strange, bizarre, scary, frightful, stupid. And chaotic.

Especially in the month of May, 2020, the time when I am writing this.

So what to do?

I’m sure you know that if you redirect the mind to something tangible it helps. It works. You can’t focus on two things are once; at least not very well.

SO, why not direct those chaotic thoughts that you don’t want to be there to all things bluegrass? Play it. Read about it. Watch videos about it. Write about it. Complete immersion. No, you can’t be in bluegrass all the time, or even most of the day. But you can be there for a while. Of course there are many other things that you can redirect to.

I don’t know why I’m telling you this. You already know it. Just a reminder. But we need reminders. Don’t we?

BLUEGRASS….not chaos

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