Bluegrassian Questionnaire with Molly Tuttle

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With jam-packed touring dates, prolific song writing, an upcoming solo album, and creative music collaborations, you’d think that Molly Tuttle keeps an impossible schedule. And you’d be right. Oh! She’s in Sweden again? No, it’s Boston, I think. Wait, I know she’s going to record her new album in Nashville, but I thought she was in Maine, right? But I’m sure she’s in New York tonight. Pretty sure anyway…

Molly Tuttle has always had the knack of making the impossible seem possible. Her steady, unassuming demeanor belies a virtuosic command of her instruments and vocals. Barring any ice skating incidents, she’ll be in the studio this fall to record her first solo album of original tunes. It’s a wonder she had the time to complete this Bluegrassian Questionnaire, but for Molly, everything is possible: 

1. What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

Constantly learning and being inspired.

2. What’s your greatest fear?

Getting my fingers chopped off while ice skating.

3. What was your first instrument and when did you get it?

I begged my parents for a fiddle when I was four years old so they bought me a tiny one and started me with a Suzuki teacher. I didn’t last long on that!

4. What is your earliest and/or favorite bluegrass memory?

Hearing great bluegrass bands every month at the Redwood Bluegrass Association concerts when I was really young and getting to play there as I got older. I learned so much from getting to see so many of my favorite bands over the years. 

5. What is your greatest extravagance?

I like to buy really fancy tea.

6. When and where have you been the happiest?

Music Festivals such as Strawberry Music Festival, Fathers Day Bluegrass Festival, and Urkult Folk Festival in Sweden. Also, taking classes and lessons from amazing teachers over the years at Berklee [College of Music in Boston, MA] and elsewhere. 

7. Who are you listening to these days?

Sam Amidon. [Eclectic, genre-busting bluegrass/folk/Americana/jazz

8. What song hits your heart every time?

“Your Lone Journey.” []

9. Please share one of your favorite/most embarrassing on-stage blunders.

One time I couldn’t get my banjo into the right tuning at the Freight and Salvage and got so confused I had to just give up and not play the song at all!

10. If you were reincarnated as a person or thing, who or what would you want to be?

A teapot.

11. What is your most treasured possession?

My guitar.

12. Is there one bluegrass player tip or secret you’d like to share?

Learn from others but honor your own unique voice. 

13. What is some of the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t dwell on your mistakes.

14. Who are your heroes in life?

My mom and dad, my grandma.

15. What was the scariest or most unique venue you ever performed at?

Playing at the Berklee Commencement Concert my first semester. I had to get up cold and sing an Alison Krauss song in front of thousands of people including Alison herself and I couldn’t even hold my guitar. I felt very exposed and that was the most nervous I can remember being.

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