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THE DAILY GRIST…”The days of the rock star board member are over. The search process is much more sober 

and focused on the issue of competency and expertise and the functional contribution a new member can make.” 
(George Davis)
Board Member
Today’s Column from Bert Daniel
Monday, October 19, 2015
I have always been fascinated by the title “Member of the Board”. All through my career, my hard earned qualifications have been scrutinized by respected yet unknown colleagues who have the experience and knowledge to keep going whatever institution I happen to want to be a part of.
These are important people. If you own stock, you are encouraged to vote for the board members of your choice when your stock broker sends you a ballot. Who are these people? If I am happy with how my stock is performing, I might return my ballot with a strong vote for all the board members recommended by the company even though I don’t know a single one. Usually I just toss the ballot in the recycling because I have so few shares in the company in the first place. My vote doesn’t really matter. If my company is doing poorly on the stock exchange, maybe I’ll make a token negative vote to expel those faceless bastards who are no doubt siphoning off all the company profits for their cushy bonuses.
Yes, board members are pretty important people. I have always respected the title and one day a few years ago my friend Rick Cornish suggested to me that I might want to think about running for the CBA board. He was looking to retire from that gig and do other things and I was honored that he would think of me in terms of a potential board member. What an honor that could be! It could make this shy and retiring guy the life of the party perhaps. Everybody would want to jam at my campsite. I’d get to drive around in a golf cart at Grass Valley every year! Who knows what could happen?
Maybe this is my big chance to be somebody! I’m close to retirement. I should just retire and be a board member!
I am actually quite keen to retire. And one of the things that drives me the most nuts? Going to meetings. Exactly what board members do!
I’d gladly spend my retirement as a board member if I got to divvy up the spoils of those losing companies I own stock in. That might be fun. But I have to take my hat off to our CBA board members who put their talents to use making sure that we all have music and teaching and all kinds of opportunities for fun. If you are a member, you need to show them your support.
Unlike the company you own just a few shares of stock in, your vote for the CBA really does matter. This year’s CBA board will be elected next week. I didn’t mail my ballot in time this year but it’s in my mandolin case so I don’t forget to hand it in at the fall campout in Lodi. If there few too few votes the election will be invalid so make sure to submit your ballot.
This year’s crop of potential board members is exceptional. I had a real problem narrowing the selection to the people I thought would do the best job. The Board needs your support, not only in whom you vote for but also in the ideas you express to them during the year about how the organization can prosper.
Thanks to all our past, present and future board members.

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