Brenda Hough Reviews Kyle Ledson’s Left it all Behind

Kyle Ledson: Left It All Behind

Song Titles:  Appear, The Bend, No Footprints, Jack Straw, Meant to Be, Wait Until the Sun Comes Out, He Ain’t Coming Home, Off the Rails, Left It All Behind, If You’re Ever in Oklahoma, Better Day, I Will Follow You into the Dark.

Kyle began playing the fiddle at age three, but he has evolved his musical skills to prodigy status on the guitar and mandolin at age 19.  This latest album showcases his considerable songwriting skills and merges his talents with two bands that inspired his career: ALO and Hot Buttered Rum.  Joining Kyle are Peter Domenici on banjo, Ben Kaufman on bass and vocals, Dan Lebowitz on pedal steel, Ezra Lipp on drums, Steve Adams on bass, Nat Keefe on vocals, Zebulon Bowles on fiddle, and Erik Yates on banjo.

The opening notes of “Appear” feature a mélange of guitar notes that echo Tony Rice’s “Church Street Blues,” and the tasteful surge of guitar tones ripples throughout all the songs, most notably on “Left It All Behind” and electric powered guitar on “Meant To Be.”  “Off the Rails” is the closest to a standard bluegrass song with a clever hook – “I’m on the right track to going off the rails” – and a steady set of instrumental solos on fiddle, mandolin, and guitar. His confident and warm vocals add a sincerity to the songs.  With an impressive 9 out of 12 original songs, Kyle presents a progressive set of self discovery and relationship songs with the narrator focusing on departing lovers “don’t leave me now, wait till the sun comes out,” and introspective wanderers “I’m trapped inside a memory, can’t you see the real me,” and I “emerged from a trance” and my “mind drifts like an ocean.”  The lyrics are more free form than melodic and present more urban images with apartments and doorsteps than the bluegrass home places with cabins, traveling roads and departures.  Kyle Ledson’s talents are blossoming and growing, and the future is full of promise and progress.