Brenda Reviews Breaking Grass: Somewhere Beyond

Breaking Grass: Somewhere Beyond

Song List: 100 Degrees in the Shade, Money Can’t Buy You, Free, The Gift, Let the Good Times Go, It Ain’t Enough, Outrun the Wolf, The Boy on the Black Horse, Pauline, Down in the Darkness.

Breaking Grass has been together for 14 years, and the varied musical experiences of the band members has given them a wide range of influences that make their sound distinctive and as powerful as a tidal wave.  Lead singer and songwriter Cody Farrar plays guitar, Jody Elmore on banjo, Britt Sheffield on bass, Tyler White on fiddle, and Zach Wooten on mandolin.

The opening song, “100 Degrees in the Shade,” brings to mind the opening scene in O Brother with the reference to a prison chain gang working in the hot sun.  The banjo adds a strong rhythm current, the dobro a moody interlude, and Cody’s voice has all the hard time tone of Chris Stapleton or Bruce Springsteen.  The changes in circumstances are part of the song, “Free,” as the singer details the loss of a house, car, job or a life.  The plot of a horror film is visited in “Outrun the Wolf” with music adding to the mood of a mysterious night, the chase of the Beast, and a life changed forever.  Love can take many turns from granny’s pies in the window or a first kiss and it’s all a “feeling that money can’t buy you.”  “It Ain’t Enough” has stirring vocal harmonies as our singer recalls the hurt in a relationship and hesitates to fall in love again.  “Let the Good Times Go” is a hope that a love will return to the home with mandolin adding a musical interlude to the story.  “Pauline” is the woman who treats you mean but is still desirable.  Breaking Grass tells stories that are familiar, but delivers them with conviction and polish that transcends the circumstance into a time honored truth.