Brenda Reviews Fast Track:  Heartache and Trouble

Fast Track:  Heartache and Trouble

Song List:  Heartache and Trouble, Mary Jane Won’t You Be Mine, Plain Old Country Boy, Jenny Lynn, Hurts All Gone, The Sweetest Place on Earth, You’ll Never Find Another So True, Legend of Bonnie and Clyde, Sweetest Love, You No Longer Believe in Me.

Fast Track formed with members of David Parmley’s Cardinal Tradition band.  Steve Day on fiddle, Ron Spears on bass, and Dale Perry on banjo, all were members of that stellar band and their combined vocal and instrumental skills put this band firmly in the traditional bluegrass vein.  Duane Sparks on guitar and Shayne Bartley on mandolin are also veterans of other bands, and the five band members offer another fine collection of original and classic songs.

Bill Monroe’s “Mary Jane Won’t You Be Mine” has a strong mandolin chop and banjo drive and references to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the lonesome pines.  Carter Stanley’s “Sweetest Love” has the classic bluegrass setting: forsaken love and farewells on a moonlit night.  Duane Sparks has a robust vocal delivery and he sings the lead in the two Gerald Evans songs: “Plain Old Country Boy” with its never will marry message and “Heartache and Trouble,” a tale of a life filled with troubles, but a song filled with strong banjo and fiddle solos.. “You’ll Never Find Another So True” has more vocal harmonies and heartfelt messages of loyalty.  Ron Spears contributes the wistful love song about Jenny Lynn who passed before the singer could return from war, and the gentle waltz of farewell, “You No Longer Believe In Me.”  An album highlight is Merle Haggard’s “The Legend of Bonnie and Clyde” with a Dale’s banjo and Steve’s fiddle leading the instrumental backdrop.  If you like your bluegrass, strong and heartfelt, check out Fast Track.