Brenda Reviews Jaelee Roberts:  Something You Didn’t Count On

Jaelee Roberts:  Something You Didn’t Count On

Song List:  Something You Didn’t Count On, Think Again, I Owe Him Everything, Sad Songs, Landslide, The Best of Me, November, Lie To Me, Still Waters, You Can’t Stop Me From Staying, The Beginning Was the End, Luxury Liner.

Sometimes a talent appears on the scene and given their background, it’s no surprise that they are star potential.  Jaelee Roberts is the daughter of Grascals’ star Danny Roberts and music maker Andrea Roberts.  Jaelee grew up with music and when she realized that this would be her career path as well, she attended Middle Tennessee State’s Recording Industry Management Program.  She’s a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist that can easily switch from a slow country ballad to a upbeat bluegrass powerhouse.

Jaelee also has a great group of musicians appearing with her.  Harmony vocals from Vince Gill, Kenny and Amanda Smith, and Kelsi and Paul Harrigill blend with the banjo playing of Kristin Scott Benson, Alan Bibey’s mandolin, Tim Surrett’s bass, Jimmy Mattingly’s fiddle, and Tony Wray’s guitar.  While Jaelee’s vocals are the focus the instrumental solos blend seamlessly to add texture to the songs.  She also wrote songs for the collection, and her opening song, “Something You Didn’t Count On,” introduces the surprise elements of love developing when you least expect it.  Her “November” is another wistful “wish that things turned out different” song.  “Lie To Me” is a standout song with the singer wishing her partner would stay longer and postpone their inevitable parting  – “goodbye is almost here.”  “Best of Me” has a mix of instrumental interludes with a strong banjo presence and Jaelee affirms that the “best of me ain’t yours for the taking.”  This is a fine debut album and proof that Jaelee will be an exciting addition as new lead singer/guitarist in Sister Sadie.