Brenda Reviews Tammy Rogers and Thomm Jutz:  Surely Will Be Singing

Tammy Rogers and Thomm Jutz:  Surely Will Be Singing

Song List: I Surely Will Be Singing, On Your Own, All Around My Cabin Door, Long Gone, Mountain Angel, A Writer’s Tear, Speakeasy Blues, About Last Night, Five Winters More To Come, There Ain’t Enough Time, The Tree of Life, The Door.

With so many singers and songwriters living in Nashville, the opportunity to find partners for musical projects is very possible.  Thomm and Tammy met at a music function in 2016, and they have collaborated on over 100 songs together.  The twelve they’ve selected for this collection are crafted with strong lyrics and messages, an intensity of heartfelt soul in the vocals, and an instrumental backdrop that defines and helps deliver the power of each song.  Tammy is the fiddle player and singer for the topflight band The Steeldrivers, and Thomm has composed some of the most popular songs in the bluegrass genre.  Tammy’s multiple talents on fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and viola and Thomm’s warm baritone voice and stellar guitar playing are on full display with instrumental embellishments from Mark Fain on bass, Justin Moses on banjo and dobro, and Lynn Williams on percussion.

The opening song, “I Surely Will Be Singing,” has origins with opera singer Jessye Norman who declared she would be singing as long as she had breath.  Thomm and Tammy change this affirmation into “as long as I am breathing, I surely will be singing,” and their smoothly blended duet vocals give wings to the joy of song.  Every song collection needs a fast-paced train song, and “Long Gone” turns the banjo and rhythm section loose.  “Speakeasy Blues” celebrates the moonshiner and the dancing girls enjoying liquid refreshment in a bouncy, join-in-the-fun, romp