CBA Music Camp 2014 Update: Classes and Registration

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Boy, December and January have been busy months and preparation for music camp just keeps on rolling along like a song that has no ending; maybe a couple of modulations and tempo changes here and there but, thankfully, there’s nobody around to throw a leg up to stop so we have to keep improvising new lyrics and taking breaks (metaphorically speaking).

This is the latest update from your illustrious Music Camp Directors Peter Langston and Janet Peterson: the highly anticipated class/teacher list so feast your eyes, scratch your picking fingers, and start tapping your feet in excitement!Bill Evans is teaching Bluegrass Band level 1/2; Jack Tuttle-Bluegrass Band level 3; Masha Crawford-Old-Time Band level 2/3; Molly Tuttle-Bluegrass Banjo level 2; Pat Cloud-Bluegrass Banjo level 3; Luke Richardson-Old-Time Banjo level 2/3; Sharon Gilchrist-Bass level 2/3; Greg Booth-Dobro level 2; Mike Witcher-Dobro level 3; Annie Staninec-Fiddle level 1; Blaine Sprouse-Bluegrass Fiddle level 2/3; Joseph Decosimo-Old-Time Fiddle level 2/3; Kathy Kallick-Guitar w/Singing level 1; Karen Celia Heil-Old-Time Guitar level 2; Jim Nunally-Guitar Solos level 2/3; John Mailander-Mandolin level 1; John Reischman-Mandolin level 2; Chris Henry-Mandolin level 3; Keith Little -Singing Style(s) level 2/3; Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum-Harmony Singing level 2/3; Kathleen Rushing-Fungrass level 0/1.

Now, there is one important piece of information missing from all this……..namely registration opens at high noon on February 7th, 2014. Oh my, Music Camp registration opens just in time to give a wonderful, heartfelt Valentine’s surprise gift-of-Music Camp. If you are searching for inspiration to give something unique to that someone special and you’re tired of giving flowers, candy, jewelry, puppies, kittens, or articles of clothing then there is nothing that says “I Love You” like the gift of Music Camp!

Be sure to keep a close eye on our Music Camp website at to register in February and for more breaking news. If you have other questions, please contact us at [email protected] Keep on jamming and I hope to see ya’ll at Music Camp, and the CBA Spring Campout.

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