CBA VolunTeens

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About five years ago we instituted the CBA VolunTeen Program for teens to volunteer at the Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival. The program goal was to recruit and mentor teens to enter our volunteer base. We realized early that teens like to perform jobs together and that the social interaction was important. The gate “project” was successful and since then some of our teens have stepped up to volunteer in other events.
We have seen a significant uptick in VolunTeen opportunities in 2017 as we add more “year round” events. Dana Frankel, Josh Gooding, Jesse Personeni, Tessa Schwartz, Jacob Gooding, Ross Scroggins and Josh Gooding have all volunteered to be jam leaders at our Youth Jam events at the Freight & Salvage. Dana Frankel is organizing a group of teen musicians to perform on the Bluegrass Pride Float, Miles and Teo Quale are organizing young musicians to perform on the Alameda July 4th Float. Helen Foley is volunteering at the Kids on Bluegrass in Grass Valley and Daisy Kerr, Ida Win- free and Izabelle Elwell are volunteering to assist with the 2017 Academy.

We are soliciting membership ideas to offer CBA VolunTeens more opportunities to volunteer. Perhaps you are producing an event and need someone to host a CBA table? Maybe you would like to start a Youth Jam in your area? All ideas gratefully accepted. Our Teens want to participate, we just need to identify more ways for more of them to give back. The VolunTeens are the next generation of CBA Leaders.

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