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Al Ras Bluegrass and Old Time Festival

The 21st edition of the Al Ras Bluegrass and Old Time Festival will happen Nov. 3rd-6th), 2022, in Barcelona, Spain.  This is a magnificent opportunity to listen to bluegrass music in Barcelona, at one of the longest running bluegrass festivals in Europe and the biggest in Spain.  The festival will showcase the top bluegrass bands from Barcelona and abroad, but there will be plenty of opportunities to jam with fellow musicians and enjoy musical fellowship over great food and good times.  An example of the community events that accompany the festival is our Bluegrass Kids program, with support from the EBMA, which gives an opportunity for the kids from Barcelona who play Bluegrass to perform a few songs onstage in front of an appreciative audience.

Here is the program:
– Thursday, November 3rd, 10pm.  La Sonora de Gracia, Barcelona. Newgrass Republic
– Friday, November 4th, 8pm.  La Sedeta.  Barcelona. Red Herring, Howlin’
– Saturday, November 5th, 5:30pm.  Antic Mercat de Mollet.  Mollet del Vallés. The Denim Rips, Yerbazul, Oriol Saña Trio, Flamengrass, Red Herring
– Sunday, November 6th, 12:00pm.  El Barn d’en Greg.  Rubí.  BBQ + Jam

During the concerts there will be a merchandise table with CD’s, books, t-shirts, and other cool accessories as well as Al Ras swag.

Visit the website for all the information: Al Ras Festival

They are also selling raffle tickets online.

The price for each ticket is 5€.  In addition to buying them at the merch table during the festival, you can purchase them online now by making a PayPal payment to the account

There are many great prizes like t-shirts and books, but one of the highlights is an annual subscription to ArtistWorks for your chosen instrument!  ArtistWorks allows you to work directly with Bluegrass professionals like Tony Trischka and Bryan Sutton.
Another way to get a raffle ticket is to join Al Ras on Teaming, a support platform where you can help support bluegrass music in Barcelona for just 1€ a month.  All Teaming members get a raffle number as a gift! 

Join here and don’t get left out without your raffle number.

Lluís Gómez

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