The California Bluegrass Association presents...

South State 48 VOLUME III

Performing in Windmill Hall:

Friday 11/03 7:00 pm
Fair Black Rose opening for the Honey Buckets

Saturday 11/04 7:00 pm
Wild Blue Yonder opening for the Rose Valley Thorns

Fair Black Rose


Fair Black Rose is a young band whose members have grown up in the Jam Pak Blues ‘N’ Grass Neighborhood Band of Chandler, Arizona. They love and play traditional bluegrass but also incorporate old-time, gospel, and popular songs into their repertoire. They are polished and unique performers bringing lovely harmonies and solos to their sets and are always pleasing to the audience. The band was chosen as a showcase band for the IBMA World of Bluegrass in Raleigh, NC in 2021. They demonstrated on a world stage that “Bluegrass is for Everyone.” They have been so happy to be invited back to Raleigh in 2022 and 2023. The band members continue to perform with Jam Pak and mentor the young musicians. Fair Black Rose members are: Rosy Lopez- guitar, Lucy Tanyi-banjo, Aliane Hakizimana-bass, Carlos Parra-fiddle, and Maxwell Klett-mandolin. Everybody sings! You can follow them on Instagram and also at

Honey Buckets


Raised on heavy metal and smog in Rancho Cucamonga, Honey Buckets have emerged as the fast driving bluegrass band of Southern California. Known for bringing good vibes and their tribe, they can be seen at festivals throughout the West, from Prescott and Pickin’ in the Pines, to Huck Finn and Summergrass. With Mike Stern on banjo, Devin Wilcox on mandolin, Forest Thurman on guitar, and Brian Dragoman on bass, expect to hear traditional bluegrass with harmony singing around a single mic. Honey Buckets play bluegrass standards as well as a slew of originals that reflect the personality of the band. while nodding respectfully to their predecessors. When not on stage, they can often be found hosting welcoming all-night jams, (although at tempos not recommended for those with heart conditions). If you can’t keep up, come enjoy having your face melted off by some of the fastest and nicest guys in bluegrass.

Find them at

Wild Blue Yonder


Fresh on the bluegrass scene, Wild Blue Yonder is a group of two brothers and two friends, including Charlie and Hank Hanson from Utah, Joselyn Sky from California, and Henry Strid from Oregon. None of these kids are old enough to drive, but they sure can pick! (Even Rhonda Vincent thinks so!) You may have heard them on or off stage at Great 48, South State 48, and the Father’s Day Festival, as they have already gained notoriety for their amazing skills, and love of all night jamming! Wild Blue Yonder plays traditional bluegrass with a few originals. They are excited to perform at South State 48, as well as pick with friends and make new ones.

Rose Valley Thorns


The Rose Valley Thorns, with their youthful energy and eclectic musical influences, are pushing forward on the front of progressive bluegrass and modern folk while paying homage to the old legends of classic genres. The stunningly beautiful Rose Valley lies in the mountains above the creative community of Ojai, California, a place which has inspired and nurtured the individual and collective artists that The Rose Valley Thorns have become. With aspects of jazz, ragtime, classical, rock, folk, country, and most importantly bluegrass, the Thorns have created a sound that is truly unique and refreshing.

Touching on subjects from struggles with worldwide social issues to Joshua’s own battle with Muscular Dystrophy, The Rose Valley Thorns create a truly genuine artistic expression. They perform around a single mic, traditional style, and pour their hearts out through their instruments and voices with a conviction and authenticity that captivates their audiences. The Thorns care about nothing more than making music for people who want to hear it.