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It’s Christmas time, and I’m thinking about gifts. The family sent a bunch of them to Samaritans purse, a faith based organization that disperses them to third world children and spreads a little cheer to places that could probably use it. Gift giving is fun. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and broke, and it’s one of the best things you can do to justify your existence on this here celestial ball, …and gift getting, well, that ain’t half bad either.

I thought I’d address both sides of this process.

Now if I were to ask my thirteen year old son what he wants for Christmas, he’d present me with a list of electronic gaming devices and computer games that, if I were to purchase them, would bump the stock for “Best Buy” up to Reagan levels overnight and would send my son into ecstatic bliss for a solid week, after which he would be ready to present me with another list.

Now as for me…I have simpler tastes. Just send me the latest C.D. put out by one of my friends. Every day is Christmas when you’re friends have recorded a new C.D.

And it doesn’t always have to be a new one. Sometimes it’s a great surprise that sort of shows up out of nowhere… I was perusing the used C.D.s at the local Goodwill, and came across a sweet Recording of Pete Grant playing a bunch of fine instrumentals on Steel guitar and Dobro. Now I’ve picked with him at grass valley, but I was unaware of this C.D. Well… that situation has been rectified and I’ve been blessed with some great traveling music.

And I remember when Snap Jackson came up to me at Colusa and showed me the new C.D. that he had just brought out of the recording studio, and he let hear it before anybody else, and I soaked up so much pixie dust that I could hardly sleep. And that gift just kept on giving. I’m still reaping the benefits.

Randy Morton brought me into the studio to listen to the touch up on the final mix of his “Pine Ridge” C.D. And that’s where I learned that he had put Kelly Broyles and Me into one of his murder ballads , combining Kelly’s first name and my last name to make the murder victim. What a gift! …I guess…
About the same time “Rock Ridge” came out with their fine C.D. and I got to enjoy Rick and Josies buttery voices and John Shaffer’s sand paper gospel singing. And it was Christmas, right there in the middle of the year.

And anyhow…I guess I told you all that so I could tell you this.

I got a package in the mail yesterday from Dave Neilson. It was in a familiar shape, a little square package remarkably similar to that of a C.D. I opened it (I never could wait till Christmas), and what to my wondering eyes did appear?…This precious piece of gospel plastic in a cardboard square that said “Amber Cross” My kind of church. This was a live gospel set recorded at Parkfield this last year by Dave N. and it wasn’t just her kind of church…It was my kind of church. All these great heaven songs (mansion over the hilltop) Christian life songs (working on a building) and personal pieces she had penned herself (like Walking in the fields of summer). Here’s a sample of the lyrics.

We walked just one mile to get to God
Spent the Afternoon playing in the church yard
Walking to the church just beside you’re dad
Two steps to his one, ain’t half bad.

And them lyrics ain’t half bad either. In fact they’re about as good a set of lyrics as you’re ever gonna find in any Christmas present.

I remember the first time I heard Amber Cross sing. I was walking across the fairgrounds inTurlock and Yoseff Tucker was pickin’ with this little gal that looked like she’d have humming birds voice. But that was not the case, When she started to sing the sound cut through that spring night like a buzz saw on steroids. Shivers went up and down my spine. It was like hearing Hazel Dickens for the first time, only better. I recently bought what I believe to be her first C.D. It was a masterpiece. The lyrics, honest at level rarely seen in music, the arrangements were impeccable…, and that voice….whew!

You might say it sort of spoke to me. Maybe in the language of my DNA. Amber it the daughter of a Baptist minister. I’m the son of a Pentecostal preacher, and we grew up with the same hymn book.

As far as I’m concerned, Dave Neilson is Santa Claus, and Amber Cross is a Christmas present. And if you haven’t heard that girl sing, you ought to.

Merry Christmas, all you pickers. Happy Yule to you all.

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