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I’m in the middle of an extended multi day tour and I’m already wiped out. The tour, the Cinco de Mayo Commemorative Tour sponsored by Tequila (no particular brand, just tequila) and by Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose will end after another performance on Sunday. That will make two shows in two weeks. Well, what do you expect? We’re old and also we’re not The Rolling Stones, and of course I’m tired.

As well as playing bass on this tour, I am also the promoter. I set up these two amazing dates and then started minding the mice to complete the band. The band was scattered across the country, San Carlos, Concord, Mountain View and Lawrence, KS,

Stepping back for a minute, I decided to produce this tour because Cinco de Mayo is my favorite American holiday. It is the commemoration of the date in 1862 that General Zaragoza defeated a far superior in numbers French force in the Battle of Puebla. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate that!

Apparently, many American beer companies and tequila distributors agree with me as the statistics say that it is up there with Super Bowl as far as beer sales go. The tequila sales tend to soar as well… if I can get to BevMo.

The chance to book an extensive tour around this great American holiday was too great of an opportunity to pass up. Donning my booking agent hat, I hustled through my extensive contact list, garnered through my years playing exposure gigs at Farmers Markets, coffee houses, senior centers and open mics. Working my phone extremely hard for 15 or so minutes, I booked the gigs for this blowout tour.

With my logistics team, I gathered the band for rehearsals beginning last Tuesday. Juggling the logistics of this was quite a task. The rehearsal space was stocked with tequila (again no particular brand) and product from our other sponsor. We rehearsed 5 hours a grueling day with little time to indulge in our stocked studio supplies.

One issue I needed to contend with was the first of these gigs was on Orthodox Easter, which meant we had to adjust our material accordingly. While Orthodox Easter and Cinco de Mayo may seem to have much in common, our hip audiences do recognize the differences and the band needed to accommodate that in our set lists and rehearsals. Luckily the second gig is straight ahead bluegrass but with it being on Cinco de Mayo even that needs to be tinged with some tequila flavor.

I think I mentioned that I am wiped out and Sunday is still 3 days away. Good thing our sponsors are taking care of us or I wouldn’t make it until then. I should tell you (but I guess that you already know) that our sponsors should more appropriately be called self- sponsors and the rest of the tour team falls pretty much on me. I keep telling myself not to do this but I can’t help myself. Two gigs in two weeks is hardly a tour but one can dream can’t one.

The tour video team is recording the entire two weeks rehearsals, warts and all. I’ll be showing the video at my campsite at the FDF festival on Tuesday night. I’ll be in electric only site 18. My annual Tuesday night jam will precede the video. Jamming from 9:30 11:30 followed by the 5-minute video and then more jamming. There will be self-provided goods from our sponsors available to enjoy as well. I am recommending reservations to ensure your spot at this premier event.  

Just to keep this flowing I’ll be serving beer and wine at Vern’s the next night, Wednesday. Drop by and let me know how much you enjoyed the tour and the jam.

As always, thanks for your indulgence in this space.

I’ll be better in June.

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