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(Editor’s Note: Here’s a column from Marty written in 2014. There have been very few Welcome column writers who have so consistently and for so many years supplied this spot with informative, entertaining and utterly accessible essays. Thanks, Marty. RC)

The last two weeks have been stressed filled to say the least. But do not fret, because it has all been very enjoyable stress. The deadline to enroll in a college was the first of May and the middle of April is always the time of year for basketball and hockey playoffs at the same time! I know those aren’t equal, but I’m gonna talk about both.

Unlike what I was hinting at in my previous article, I will be attending Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Before I applied to any schools this was my top choice, and they gave me an enticing enough offer to make it possible for me to attend. Needless to say, this will be a big change for me. Instead of complaining at 40 degrees in the morning, I will be rejoicing at 40 degrees in the afternoon. Except for this one drawback, I saw that Clark University was the best school for me. Even though I am pleased with my decision, it was hard to leave my bluegrass family, and miss so many of the memories, and some of the events that I will not be able to attend because I will be thousands of miles away. I would appreciate any knowledge anybody has of Clark University or the environment!

A lot of my last two weeks has been spent watching the 32 teams battle it out in the NHL and NBA playoffs. Even though the games and player performances have been the second story to the horrid words of Donald Sterling, it should be noted that the NHL playoffs have had overtime games almost every day, and this is statistically the best NBA playoffs ever when it comes to the amount of game sevens in the first round. This Sunday will be the first time in the history of the NBA that there will be three game seven battles in one day.

Even though each playoff has been great for the fans of the game, but it has not been very kind to the Bay Area teams. Even though the Golden State Warriors and San Jose Sharks reached the playoffs, neither of them have been has successful has predicted when going in. The Sharks had the opportunity to beat the Los Angeles Kings, our main rival, when they were up three to nothing in a best of four series, The four ensuing games were painful to watch, and I was embarrassed as a Sharks fan. Unlike the first three games, the Kings out played the Sharks in every facet especially goal tending. Niemi did not perform nearly as well as Jonathan Quick who I believe is the best goalie in the league by far, especially in the playoffs.

Just like last year when the Warriors didn’t have a healthy David Lee in the playoffs, this year they don’t have Andrew Bogut which is much worse for the team. The Clippers are dealing with lots of trouble as well. Along with the atrocious words by Donald Sterling and the turmoil created by it, Chris Paul is not one hundred percent healthy. This series Paul has done a good job guarding Curry, and has also been able to make the clutch shots, but basically he is a volume shooter at this point. Because of this, I give the Warriors a chance to win the big game on Sunday, but it going to take a lot of things going right. Griffin can’t score thirty like he has in the other games the Clippers won. Without our other big man Jermaine O’Neal in the game, it will be more difficult to limit the Clippers big men, but game seven is when the improbable is a distinct possibility. Unlike the Clippers, the Warriors have made it to the second round with basically the same team. The last few years the Clippers have been the favorite to win, and have lost in the deciding game. Hopefully this trend can continue so that a bay area team can be relevant in May.

I was sad not to see all of my friends at the CBA Spring Camp out this year. My Dad and I were both very busy in our respective obligations and were not able to make an appearance. I heard it was a little rainy, and I hate rain at a festival, so I didn’t have to bother with that at least.

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