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It’s going to be a short column today folks. I drove up to Colusa yesterday for the CBA FAll Campout and woke up early to write a short posting.

This is my first campout, believe it or not and I wasn’t quite sure what we would discover. Yeah I get to use “we” as in me and my dog. I thought he would enjoy a road trip, and of course the attention from folks and dogs in Colusa. And we haven’t been disappointed….except maybe for the resident hyperaggressive, bloodthirsty mosquitos. But otherwise it’s kind of like a mosh-up of RV City and tent city from the Father’s Day Festival…..a few tents here, a circle of RVs there, and jams everywhere. We arrived later than I hoped for, somewhere around 4:30 in the afternoon, and the jams were already underway. They diminished a bit around supper time but quickly picked back up again. After playing a few hours I decided to tour the scene with Batso and just do some listening. There was just enough separation between the jams that as we walked from one to the other they would fade in and out like tuning on a radio dial, with a little overlap every now and then. There were the usual scenes of folks clustered around a table with Coleman lanterns or in a circle under a street lamp. And many, many familiar faces…..half the fun is walking around and connecting with people. The surprise moment was a non-bluegrass jam. I think it was a group of locals that come play together in an outdoor setting…but here was a group of folks, set up a little away from the RVs and tents, under a street lamp, with guitars, fiddles, banjos……and an electronic keyboard…hmmmmmm……and they were grooving on Django jazz and swing. Boy they were good and made a nice musical contrast or compliment to all the other music that was happening. Just another one of those unexpected musical moments that happen whenever we go hang with the Bluegrass crowd. Later ya’ll..gotta get the ax out and play a bit before taking care of some business and heading back to the Bay area for a gig.

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