Donation of Vintage CDs Benefits the CBA Youth Program

Apr 30, 2023 | General News

CBA Members Norma and Paul Chadband brought a large container of music CDs to the Spring Campout. The CDs had been collected over the years by Norma’s mom and stepdad – Dorothy and Frank Pozega. They had been to many festivals across the country. The box contained a variety of Bluegrass, Gospel, and Country artists, approximately 200 in all. Some of the CDs were autographed!!!

The request from Norma was to offer the CDs to the Spring Campout attendees for a $1 donation per CD. The money collected will go to the CBA Youth Programs fund. This fund provides money to the different programs, including the Kids on Bluegrass program. KOB provides instruction and encouragement to the youth of the CBA. You can see the evidence of the good this program brings by looking at the stages that have Molly and Sully Tuttle, AJ Lee, Frank Solivan II, John and Josh Gooding, Miles and Teo Quale and others performing on a regular basis all over the country and world!!!

Thank you to Dorothy and Frank and Norma and Paul. Because of their generosity and the generosity of our Bluegrass Community, $172 was raised for the Youth Programs!!!! Woohoo!!!!

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