Carl Pagter posing with banjo

CBA Founders Celebration

Carl Pagter Remembrance

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Fairfield, CA


Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers who can help set up, serve the dinner, serve the beer and wine, handle the Instrument Check-In, and help with clean up afterwards.

Volunteers get free admission to the concert and a free dinner.
If you’d like to help make this a great day, just email

A day of music and celebration


Fairfield Community Center, Willow Hall
1000 Kentucky Street, Fairfield, CA


Noon – Gathering in the park for jamming, sharing memories, and being with bluegrass friends

4:30 pm – Dinner service begins

5:30-6:30 pm – Sharing memories of Carl and free-for-all jam

6:45-7:40 pm – Ed Neff and Blue & Lonesome

8:00-8:50 pm – Good Ol’ Persons Reunion

9:00-9:50 pm – Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms Bluegrass Band


Carl Pagter posing with banjo
Carl Pagter posing with banjo
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All proceeds benefit the CBA BEAR Fund

The BEAR Fund provides interim financial support to artists and music professionals in need of emergency funds due to illness or incident.


Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms Bluegrass Band

Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms Bluegrass Band

Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms both originally hail from Washington State: Caleb from the coastal islands, and Reeb from the high desert plateau. The two have come together in music and are hailed as some of the most compelling musicians making country roots music in America today. When these two sing together, their honest incantations leave us spell-bound and smiling. The music they make is elevated by Caleb’s burnished voice, distinctive and lyrical mandolin style, and grounded by Reeb’s refreshing vocal delivery and solid rhythm guitar playing. They will be joined by Jack Kinney on banjo and Zach Sharpe on bass.

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Their repertoire is made up of original songs and tunes as well as gems from American traditional, bluegrass, and country repertoires. Music is clearly in their blood. Caleb and Reeb’s originals and interpretations of songs have been covered and recorded by many performers and their musical presence reaches into a diverse and loyal fanbase, giving credence to the impact that this duo has on their listeners. Pillars of the Northwest music scene, they carry the torch of their music around the world, and can be found touring as a duo, as well as with the Foghorn Stringband, and the Caleb Klauder Country Band. Their fans exude admiration for the timeless sound that these two produce, capturing the essence of American roots music.
The Good Ol' Persons

The Good Ol’ Persons Reunion

The Good Ol’ Persons was the first band hired for the first festival at Grass Valley, and have played the event more than any other band. The band has always been grateful for the support of the California Bluegrass Association — and of Carl and the CBA founders who created such a welcoming environment. In 1980, when the Good Ol’ Persons consisted of this very quartet — John Reischman, Kathy Kallick, Paul Shelasky, and Bethany Raine — the band was active in the Bay Area, playing weekly (or more) at Paul’s Saloon and the Red Vest Pizza Parlor, forging a sound based on traditional bluegrass while introducing original compositions and relatively uncommon influences. Carl Pagter was always very encouraging of the music we were trying to create, and we’re delighted to be able to honor his memory and legacy by playing some of that music.
Blue and Lonesome

Ed Neff and Blue & Lonesome

Blue & Lonesome is a band consisting of 50 plus years of California Bluegrass history. They are the only regularly performing band with 3 honorary lifetime members of the CBA.

This is a fitting band to commemorate the last 50 years of California bluegrass music. Many current band members were present at the first fund raisers for the formations of the CBA and of course its many festivals, campouts and events.
Their past, current and future contributions to this genre personify the CBA code of preservation, performance and promotion of this deserving music style.

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This combination of talent is stunning in its comprehensive coverage of the bluegrass genre.

The core is Ed Neff, mandolin, fiddle and vocals – Larry Cohea banjo and vocals – Paul Shelasky fiddle and jokes. Added to these 3 lifetime members is Susan Walters bass and tenor vocals, Glenn Waller guitar and vocals, Katya Tucker vocals and bass and Yoseff Tucker guitar and vocals.

Join us as we celebrate together with a day of music and memories