The California Bluegrass Association presents…


Dobro Masterclass with Jerry Douglas

Marriott Hotel Ballroom
Saturday January 7, 2023
12 noon

Called “Dobro’s matchless contemporary master” by the New York Times, Jerry Douglas will be offering a MASTER CLASS in one of Bakersfield Great 48’s Marriott ballrooms.

Tickets can be puchased online using the button below or at the Jam at the CBA welcome table.

Instrument Workshops



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1:30 pm - Bass Workshop with Larisa Hernandez

Marriott Ballroom A

Larisa has returned from Humboldt County to her Bakersfield roots to share her joy and love of the bass with beginning bass players. Not only will she show you “how it’s done,” students will have the chance to see her demonstrate “how it’s done” in concert Saturday night as she performs with Sequoia Rose.

1:30 pm - Fiddle Workshop with Dennis Fetchet

Marriott Ballroom D

Dennis is a Southern California bluegrass musician who plays fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and blues harp. He has performed with the Grateful Dudes Bluegrass Band, Disneyland’s Billy Hill and the Hillbillies, and Knott’s Berry Farm’s Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies. Dennis played with country music superstar Hoyt Axton from 1978 to 1987 and has been a member of Bluegrass Cardinals, the LA Fiddle Band, the Wild Hickory Nuts, and the Southland Bluegrass Band. He’ll draw upon his performance history to answer your bluegrass fiddle questions.

2:30 pm - Guitar Workshop with Chuck Sharp

Marriott Ballroom A

Chuck Sharp brings his contagious enthusiasm all the way from Louisville, Kentucky. He played electric guitar on tour with country bands and rhythm-and-blues bands, but in 1990 he saw Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys live. After that he began touring the Midwest bluegrass festival circuit. He’s played with the Lewis Family, James King, Jim and Jesse and he continues to play with the Louisville All-Star Band, the Get Down, and with Rockabilly pioneer Wanda Jackson. Chuck will teach guitar fretboard specifics and explain the guitar’s role in a bluegrass ensemble to beginner and intermediate guitar players.

2:30 pm - Mandolin Workshop with Ken Smith

Marriott Ballroom D

In college, Ken Smith taught himself to play fiddle and formed a bluegrass band. He quickly migrated from fiddle and guitar to mandolin and connected with the Bay Area bluegrass scene after he heard Bill Monroe play in 1977. He has played with many bands, including the Diablo Rhythm Wranglers and he will be sharing how to play Monroe-style mandolin during this beginner/intermediate workshop.

2:30 pm - Banjo Workshop with Julio Boysenberry

East Portico

Julio Boysenberry’s banjo workshops and lessons have become a mainstay of the Bakersfield Great 48. Coming from the Santa Maria/Arroyo Grande area, you’ll find Julio’s 40 years of musical experience distilled into down-to-earth, brass tacks, no-nonsense tips for 3-finger, 5-string bluegrass banjo and he’ll rock your world with his take on “Better Living through F Shapes.”

Hosted Jams

A hosted jam is open to all G48 participants and is a great way for those new to the bluegrass community to explore jamming and meet new bluegrass buddies. Some hosted jams may be instructional, others thematic, others entirely social, but each has someone present to make you feel welcome and provide a safe place for the magic of making music to run wild.



7:30 pm - Welcome Jam (Bluegrass Jam Basics)

Hammons Room

New to jamming? Let Bakersfield resident and Great 48 planning team member, Sandy DeVera, welcome you to the exciting world of playing music with others. She’ll show you five things you need to know that will make you a jam blessing rather than a jam buster. This first hosted jam of 2023’s Great 48 will give you a chance to warm up for the days and nights of jamming to come.
Group of Bluegrass musicians at Great 48


1:00 pm - Long Beach Dog Park Open Jam

East Portico

Wish there was an open jam near you? The Great 48 brings the Long Beach Dog Park Open Jam to you! The “Doggers,” as they call themselves, like to jam anytime with anybody and with their jam mascot, seeing-eye dog Jersey, they’ve been meeting by the Long Beach dog park for ten years. Fiddler, Phoebe Leigh-Suelflow and her guitar-playing husband, Gerry, will host this jam and hopefully inspire you to start one where you live.

3:00 pm - Slow Jam #1 with Julio

East Portico

Call your favorite songs at a slow jam and they’ll be played at a tempo you can keep up with. Slow jams are a great way for beginners to learn new songs and for intermediates to practice lead-ins, breaks, and endings.


10:00 am - Gospel Jam with the Fergusons

East Portico

Bluegrass song lyrics are often full of gloom, despair, tragedy, and heartache. A popular subset of bluegrass/blues/folk and country songs are Gospel songs, with their focus on good news and brighter days ahead. Since many pickers enjoy Gospel songs, but can’t stay for Sunday’s traditional Gospel jam, we’re making a joyful noise on Saturday!

3:30 pm - Slow Jam #2 with Julio

East Portico

An opportunity to apply what you just learned in instrument workshops and a chance for Saturday-only participants to enjoy bluegrass at a slower pace. All are welcome.


9:00 am - Gospel Jam & Good News Message with the Fergusons

East Portico

Give thanks and praise through Gospel singing and leave Great 48 blessed by a short, biblical message.
Sunday Jam at Great 48