Ice Cream

Jul 27, 2023 | Welcome Column

You and me baby, we’re ice cream and liquor
The first taste’s slow and the second one’s quicker
Thought we’d clash, but we hardly ever bicker
You and me baby, we’re ice cream and liquor

(The Reckless Electric)

I like ice cream a lot. It gives me great joy. In fact I just finished a bowl of plain Breyer’s chocolate ice cream enhanced by organic hazelnuts I found at our local market. I pity those vegans who can’t enjoy such an indulgence but I must say that my indulgence followed a truly vegan feast which I prepared for my vegan daughter Juliet. Our feast was very satisfying and I feel good that the global warming impact of our meal was less than it might have otherwise been.

I’m going to eat a rabbit if I have to run him down
Ice cream cone, Tbone steak,
You want to win a woman get a Cadillac eight.

(Uncle Dave Macon)

Well there goes the vegan diet. Uncle Dave was of a different era. People back then didn’t give a thought to issues that trouble us today like global warming. California’s own Ray Parks did write about it though:

Can this whole world be saved?
Have we gone too far? Is it too late?
Have we reached the point of no return?
Lord what will it take? Will we ever learn?

In my opinion, ice cream is a necessary balm for our warming planet. At least for me it is. Sure it takes energy to produce but I couldn’t live without it. I grew up in a family in which there wasn’t a straight spoon in the house. All of our spoons were bent by many repetitions of dishing out large portions of ice cream into soup bowls. That’s just one of the ways we survived hot humid summers in South Carolina.

In our house there were two varieties of soup bowl in which we indulged for our ice cream binges. The basic Indian Tree bowl was round but another version had a flat top with a smaller space for the soup it was intended for.

One Saturday while watching a baseball game on TV with my brother Russell, we got a hankering for some ice cream. I offered to go dish us up a couple of bowls. The ice cream I found in the freezer was too solidly frozen so I ran the brick under hot water to make it easier to dish out.

I also found that we only had the flat soup bowl versions available for our dessert so when the very hard too-frozen brick of ice cream came off my bent spoon in one big lump (having been melted only around the edges of the carton), I got a devious idea.

I deposited the half gallon brick atop my flat topped soup bowl minus one small scoop in a bowl for my brother. You can only imagine the expression on Russell’s face as I calmly sat down for our snack.

Sittin’ in the window singing to my love
Slop bucket fell from the window up above
Mule and the grasshopper eatin’ ice cream
Mule got sick so they laid him on the green

(Stay All Night) Bob Wills

Ice cream is a necessity. Nothing cools you off on a hot day like a nice cone of the good stuff dripping all over your hand and clothes as you try to destroy it before things get out of hand.

Well I spent my next to last dollar at the old ice cream parlor
On a milkshake and a malt and a pop. Then we heard us some sounds
There was a honky tonk lounge. Right next to the ice cream shop

(West Texas Waltz)

It’s fun to make your own ice cream. All you need is rock salt, ice, a whole lot of cream and whatever flavors or fresh fruit that suits your fancy

I made fresh ice cream for my son’s elementary school physics class once and it was a big hit. I’ve always been fascinated how the rock salt bath energy transfer creates a freezing environment. It’s fun to learn something with a hands on exercise but it’s even more fun to have a treat at the end of the exercise!

Ice cream. I know you love it too. And I know where you’re headed right now. I hope your freezer is adequately supplied. Enjoy.,vid:LpWwEgGnMwI


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