Ken Donell, longtime CBA friend and supporter, loses his home in the Dixie Fire

Written by:

Jacob Groopman

     Hello from Nashville! I hope this finds you both doing well. I’m writing to help spread the word about CBA member and all around awesome person Ken Donell from Greenville who just lost everything to the Dixie Fire last week and is currently in Quincy. Ken has been a long time member of the CBA and used to write for the Breakdown back in the 80’s. He’s been a friend and supporter to many an acoustic musician with his Miniflex instrument micing system and is just an all around great guy. He asked me to inform the CBA about his situation and see if ya’ll can help spread the word about his fundraising effort. The link is below to the campaign. Hopefully ya’ll can pass this along to whoever does the social media for the CBA and help spread the word to help Ken.
Thanks so much ya’ll and I hope to see you sooner than later! Best,
If you are aware of other CBA friends who have been gravely affected by the recent fires, please contact [email protected]