Brenda Reviews: Nothin’ Fancy – Here We Go Again

Nov 18, 2023 | Brenda and the Reviews

Brenda Reviews:
Nothin’ Fancy – Here We Go Again

Song List: Time Gone By, Here We Go Again, Little Island Love, The Thought of Loving You, Memories of Monroe, The Things I’m Sorry For, Crash and Burn, Dog Eat Dog World, Just An Old Farmer, Gone At Last, Paradise, That’s What Bars Are For.

Nothin’ Fancy was formed in 1994 to compete in a band contest, and in its almost thirty years, it has provided listeners with memorable songs and harmonies, and a fine instrumental blend. Current band members are Mike Andes on mandolin, Jacobe Lauzon on guitar, Jacob Flick on banjo and steel guitar, James Cox on bass, and Chris Sexton on fiddle. Mike Andes sings most of the lead vocals and has written 7 of the 12 songs, James and John Cox wrote 3.

Perhaps the best measure of a band’s performance is their instrumentals. Mike wrote “Memories of Monroe,” and his cascading mandolin notes begin the song and weave a tight pattern around the complementary banjo and fiddle passages. Jacob sings the lead vocal on “That’s What Bars Are For,” and his Friday routine of teasing the waitresses and telling the same old jokes and stories is laced with fine Hawaiian pedal steel guitar passages. “Dog Eat Dog World” is Mike’s commentary on our current social disparity with homeless veterans and single mothers asking for help on the streets and the admonition that we should “let our hearts lead our minds.” James and John Cox wrote “Gone At Last,” and song that celebrates the departure of a loved one when the “gray sky turns to bright blue.” Mike has always had a talent of making a phrase become a story and “The Thought of Loving You” is a love song with a touch of wonderment. It also has a melody line that will repeat in your head over and over. Nothin’ Fancy music captures you with memorable lyrics, fine heartfelt vocals and a strong sense of reality.

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