“… Now Let Me Introduce to You, The One and Only…”

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Ever woke up from a dream so strange that you wondered just what it is in your life that might have been the provocateur of such bizarre thoughts in your mind?

I’ve noticed a trend running rampant at several festivals and concerts over the last 20 years. I’ve even seen examples of this at festivals I’ve not attended thanks to the gargantuan library of videos available on You Tube.

Having someone introduce the Master of Ceremonies (Emcee or MC) at a festival or concert seems to me to be a bit of overkill besides being a stage stumble.

I’m sure that there are some promoters who feel a certain connection or ownership of the event and they may want to express some concerns, thanks, and other announcements over the Public Address system and it may seem natural for them to do that themselves and then make a formal introduction of the emcee and his/her credentials.

I suppose that most of us who serve as emcees at events might even feel a bit honored when someone else introduces us to the audience – as if we’re being treated much the same as the performers.

However … it all seems a bit incongruous to me, like having the letter B come before A in the alphabet or another way to think of this in a light-hearted, jovial manner would be if you were to have a special security guard for your security guard … you know just in case he needs help.

An emcee who needs help introducing someone on stage needs to find another line of work – it’s just that simple. It’s the emcee’s main duty to coordinate and clarify to the audience what is happening or about to happen on stage along with any formal announcements and last minute messages like a vehicle blocking a fire exit, etc. It’s the Master of Ceremonies main job to control the microphone and bring on and off those who will also share microphone and stage time and to allow for an environment of proper and smooth conduct and stage transitions.

The Master of Ceremonies is the host of the event and having some other person act as the Introducer of the Emcee is like going to a party where the person who answers the door says something like … “Yes, this is the address printed on your invitation, however I’m just the party introducer … let me send you on over to the real party host down the block …” Sounds silly and totally unnecessary doesn’t it?

Why not let the emcee introduce himself … it’s supposed to be what he’s good at doing … and then if you want to say thanks to some special people or any thing else you feel can only be done by you, let the emcee introduce you, making you special in the eyes and ears of the audience. When the spotlight has been formally put right upon you … your message will be better heard. That’s the emcee’s job.

I woke up startled from a nightmare just the other night. In the dream I was watching the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson….and the show was just beginning….the drumroll….the announcer’s voice…..and now…..Heeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrsssss………..Ed McMahon…..who then said to the audience…. OK folks let’s bring out Mr. Carson…….then I woke up.

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