Our Very Own Cartoonist

Jan 29, 2024 | Cartoons

(Editor’s note: I begged my old friend Rick Cornish to contribute some fresh content for our web site. Rick was my first choice for the job because he produced such great content for so many years when he ran the site) Here’s Rick:

Your web site content director Bert Daniel has flattered me by asking for a bit of fresh fodder for californiabluegrass.org. Having been away from my job as the site’s web master for quite a while I was at first a little unsure about what I might be able to contribute, but then I remembered the one sure fire type of content that seems to work—humor. Or at least GOOD humor.

Some years back I published a paperback entitled BLUEGRASS…Funnier than it Sounds and it sold pretty well. In fact a few artists, Danny Paisley included, even kept a handful of the books with him on tour to sell to fans. So I asked Bert what he thought about sharing some of my toons and he said go for it. So, old friends, I’m going for it.

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