Bluegrass Band

In this class, we’ll learn to take songs from jam quality to band quality. We’ll play easy-to-follow bluegrass songs and tunes together and then talk about things we can do to elevate our music. We’ll learn new ways to listen and analyze what’s happening in a group music setting. We’ll look at the roles of each bluegrass instrument, including voice. We’ll use all of this information to make good decisions about our own musical contributions and the overall arrangement of a song or a tune. We’ll look at dynamics, rhythm and feel, lead playing and singing, harmonies, and back-up. Even if you’re not in a band, the skills you learn in this class will help level-up your contributions to any jam.


Students should have level 2/3 proficiency on their own instrument. You should feel comfortable playing basic bluegrass rhythm on your instrument. Being able to take simple leads in a jam setting would be great, but not required. Guitar and banjo players should have familiarity with using a capo.


  • Your instrument and accessories such picks, a capo
  • You gotta have a tuner
  • A strap unless you play fiddle or bass
  • A song you’d like to lead (if you want)
  • Something to record audio and take notes

You can bring tabs, lyric books, and a music stand if you feel you need them, though they’ll be discouraged, especially while we’re playing music together.