Bluegrass Mandolin 1/2

This course is geared towards advanced-beginner and intermediate mandolin players who have learned the fundamentals of the instrument (chords and some songs or tunes) and are comfortable playing bluegrass at least at moderate tempos and are looking to build the skills and confidence to join jams and play in bands. Come to the first class with some ideas of what you want to learn, and we will make a plan for the week. We’ll use the Three T’s (Tone, Timing, and Taste) as our guiding star as we tackle many of the following topics, based on the interests and levels of the group:

-Technique and tone
-Speed: bringing things up to jam tempos
-Bluegrass backup & developing a strong chop
-Playing with clarity and intention
-Creating bluegrass solos: the building blocks of melody-based improvisation
-Core bluegrass mandolin vocabulary: Monroe & beyond
-Groove & making the music come alive
-Chord voicings – the “chop” and beyond
-Double stops for solos, backup, and fills
-Building a strong tremolo and knowing where to use it
-Critical listening: using recordings to build a deeper understanding bluegrass mandolin
-Playing by ear
-A road map to bluegrass song structure
-Jamming etiquette and basics
-The secrets to perfect tuning




Bring your mandolin, a tuner, pen and paper, and a recording device.

Jesse Appelman holding mandolin

Taught by:

Jesse Appelman (visit Instructor page)