Old-time Band: Notey Oklahomie

Tunes from Oklahoma that air on the notey side.

In this class we’ll explore a range of repertoire from Oklahoma. These tunes straddle a unique confluence of more recognizable old time feel and groove as well as a more Texas or Missouri style tune. We’ll do a lot of group listening to source material, learning how to break apart the recordings and approximate to our best abilities what we hear in the dear old field recordings of yesteryear.

This class aims to inspire students to find the joy and beauty of in depth listening and interpretation of old material to inform and expand their knowledge and playing.

Alongside this study we will also look at posture, technique, tone, and how to better play with other people.

How best to serve the music through confidence, listening, and placing the groove and timing above ego.

Taught by:

Nokosee Fields (visit Instructor page)