Vocal Harmony

OK. So you can sing the melody to a song. Now what? How do those people just launch into harmonies? Singing in harmony is probably one of the most rewarding things you can do, with no props other than your voice. This workshop will teach the skills needed to hear and add harmony parts to classic country and bluegrass songs. We will listen, deconstruct the parts, and put them back together as a group. We’ll also break up into smaller groups so that everyone gets the chance to hear themselves blend and phrase together in a small ensemble. Come with plenty of water to drink and a voice ready to sing.

In order to successfully sing harmony, you MUST be able to carry a melody. To that end, if you can sing “Happy Birthday” reasonably in tune, you are welcome to join this class. If you are like my dear brother, and can’t do that, then please consider taking a basic singing class first.

an audio recorder, just in case. If you are an instrumentalist, it might help to have your instrument with you in order to find harmony parts, though we will not be using instruments often. A notepad and writing utensil may come in handy.

Laurie Lewis outdoors in forest holding guitar

Taught by:

Laurie Lewis (visit Instructor page)