The California Bluegrass Association presents…


We’ve Got Bands

Our dedicated crew of volunteers have been busy behind the scenes programming bands and educational workshops for the inaugural South State 48.

We’re delighted to announce Feature Performances by Honey Buckets (Friday 8pm) and MohaviSoul (Saturday 8pm) along with Showcase Performances by Shakedown String Band (Friday 7pm) and Whole Hog (Saturday 7pm). These four acts will perform at the adjoining venue, The Windmill Food Hall.

In addition to these four superlative bands, we also have the Vulcan Mountain Boys performing a showcase in the conference room during the welcome ceremony.

Vulcan Mountain Boys – Friday 4pm

Live Hardcore Bluegrass music for traditional, roots, and Americana music fans.

Shakedown String Band – Friday 7pm

Hailing from the laidback shores of Ocean Beach in San Diego, Shakedown String Band is rapidly garnering attention with their contagious blend of americana, soul and bluegrass. A traditional interpretation of “string band” may mislead you; while the core of the sound relies heavily on vocal harmonies and soaring melodies, the momentum is powered by tight drums and the percussion that leaves no mistake about the groove.

Honey Buckets - Friday 8pm

Out of the bluegrass heartland of Inland Empire, California come four pickers raised on heavy metal and smog. Single-mic, heart-pounding and kicking bluegrass music.

Whole Hog – Saturday 7pm

Rooted in tradition, Whole Hog pushes the boundaries of bluegrass, Irish, swing, country, and old-time music. Lush vocal harmonies, instrumental mastery and fresh arrangements are at the forefront of their unique sound. For a rollicking good time, go Whole Hog!

MohaviSoul – Saturday 8pm

Mannequin Vanity Records artist MohaviSoul, is 5-piece California-style contemporary bluegrass-americana band playing original music that blends West Virginia roots and 5th-generation California heritage. MohaviSoul just played at the Bluegrass Ramble in September 2021 in Raleigh, NC as an invited Showcase Artist at the IBMA World of Bluegrass.