The California Bluegrass Association presents…


South State 48
Bluegrass by the Sea

In the winter of 2020, CBA created a Southern California task force with instructions to find venues to host music events. The dedicated volunteers identified a need for a large-scale event in SoCal that would bring musicians together from throughout the Southwest. On November 5-7, 2021, the CBA produced a brand-new jamming festival, South State 48 – Bluegrass by the Sea, in Carlsbad, CA at the Carlsbad by the Sea Hotel.

Jamming, jamming, jamming. We asked for it and you gave it your all! On Saturday afternoon a volunteer counted over fifteen jams taking place at one time, and that’s just the ones he found. Bluegrass, Old-time, Western Swing, and Gospel jams were just some of the many styles of music that were overheard throughout the entire hotel, all day, and all night.

It wasn’t only jamming: workshops in Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar Rhythm, Jamming 101, Swing Jam, and an informative Music Business class were a major part of the weekend.  Each evening built into a crescendo with five local bands that performed at the hotel and in the adjacent Windmill Food Hall, a 12-restaurant complex with a full bar.

The SS48 was attended by over 500 music fans from SoCal, NorCal, and members of Bluegrass   organizations in adjacent states.  Some wonderful connections and friendships were made!  The venue was open not only to hotel guests; many attendees stayed at nearby lodgings (the hotel guest rooms having sold out almost immediately) or just dropped by for the day to pick in hotel rooms and the lush outdoor courtyard that had been set aside for 24/7 jamming. Like the Great 48, some rooms were reserved for 24/7 jamming, while other rooms were reserved for quiet hours after 10pm.

The second annual South State 48 – Bluegrass by the Sea will take place Nov 3-6, 2022, and CBA members will get priority access to steeply discounted hotel rooms. Stay up to date at and the CBA website.