Evie Ladin

County: Alameda


Oakland  CA 94609

A seasoned performing artist, Evie Ladin grew up playing clawhammer banjo, singing harmony and clogging with her sister Abby at music festivals all over the East Coast. Her family home was a hostel for musicians and dancers traveling from the South during the Folk Music Revival. John Cohen of the New Lost City Ramblers first put a banjo in her hands at age 8, then she took lessons from Bob Carlin for several years. While she explores the depths of the traditions in support of her songwriting –  rowdy jam sessions, square dances and fiddlers conventions of the Southeast US have had deep influence on her rich old time repertoire, and the development of her style. She is an adept teacher at any level, and enjoys teaching one-off themed workshops, and at music camps and festivals. Evie is known for making music very accessible, and her students comfortable with whatever their starting point.

“Evie Ladin has one of my favorite right hands on the banjo. It propels the tune just right, and can ring like a bell, or a hammer!”
Joe Newberry, Musician

“Evie is an inspirational teacher and a motivated change agent”  –Craig Evans, Old-Time Documentarian

“Evie is very knowledgeable, entertaining, warm and funny. She gets the message across and keeps the class moving forward. It’s a great joy to be around her and try to absorb her talent.” –Music Camp Student

  • Clawhammer Banjo: Rank Beginner to Advanced; Singing While Playing; New Music from Old Forms, Learning the Neck, etc.
  • Old Time Harmony Singing
  • Old Time Stringband
  • Square Dance
  • Southern Appalachian Flatfoot Clogging
  • Survey of Step Dance Styles
  • Dancing with Others: the Basics of Sharing Weight
  • History of American Vernacular Dance