Sheridan Malone

Phone Number: +14342494416

County: Mendocino

1521 Mayflower Place
Santa Rosa  CA 95403

My favorite thing to teach is voice, and help most people gain control of their vocal instrument. I love to help people discover more about themselves and find range and power without strain through better breath technique and realizing their own unique and resonant abilities. I also love teaching guitar, intermediate ukulele, upright bass, harmony workshops, songwriting, stagecraft and better use of the OnSong app. For many years I’ve been a live and virtual teacher at Joe Craven’s Rivertunes, Wintertunes, and Vocali camps, and have TA’d and taught workshops at CBA, Walker Creek, as well as teaching and performing at Ukiah Ukulele Festivals and Ukes On The Loose in Sonoma County. I’m also a very good harmony coach and arranger as well. I usually teach half hour sessions for 25.00, because that seems to be the best length for human absorption. I’ve become adept at Zoom and can be easily reached by email or cell phone.