The CBA Election is Upon Us!

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Boy, the current shananigans in ol’ DC are enough to turn anybody off the democratics process, right? Not so fast.

It’s time for a annual CBA Board of Directors election, and that means stifling your disgust with the macro-political situation and focusing on the smaller and more intimate community that is the California Bluegrass Association.

Your vote always makes a difference – whether it’s one voice among 200 million, or (in the case of the CBA) one voice in 2000. Actually, the number votes cast in most CBAelections is more in the range of 300, so your individual vote makes a BIG difference!

Not voting is not a statement. The lack of statement is no statement – it’s an abdication of responsibility and this is craven. Silence is no real message. I think more often than not, when I hear people say how they’re not voting as a form of protest, they’re really just using protest as an excuse for laziness or intellectual queasiness with taking a stand or making a decision. That’s OK – we’ve reached a point in this country’s history where you have the luxury of doing that.

On a national level, not being involved in the process means surrendering the control to those who are involved – and you they may not represent your interests at all!

Obviously, the stakes are not as high in the CBA. But we also enjoy the luxury of being able to spare some time and passion for the finer things, like art and music. You’re reading this because you’re a bluegrass fan, so you probably have some opinions on how you’d like the CBA to serve your needs. You can let the Board know by speaking
with the Board members directly, by emailing them, or by calling them. More importantly, you can help choose those Board members, by voting in the election!

If you’re particularly energetic, passionate and motivated, you could even run for a seat on the Board of Directors yourself! Talk about making a difference!

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