The Circle

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Daily grist; “One man with courage makes a majority.”– Andrew Jackson, 1767 to 1845.  Seventh American president.

The circle is been severely stressed and tested, but remains unbroken.

 We have all heard the song Will the circle be unbroken, which tells of hard times concerning family and friends. In September of this year, where I live here in Calaveras County suffered a major fire which consumed over 71,000 acres and more than 500 homes, severely tested our circle of family and friends. Several of my friends lost everything they had in the fire, And will not be able to rebuild their homes. A large portion of our County looks like a moonscape and I will never be able to live long enough to see it return to the beauty and grandeur it once was.My family is extremely fortunate to have survived the fire intact without a loss of anything. I thank God every day for protecting my family’s homes and health from harm. The fire got within 12 miles of my house which is too damn close, and it burned within 50 yards of my son’s home and then went completely around it. It did the same thing to a friend of mine’s house about a mile of the road for my son’s place. I have no doubt that God’s angel was standing between those two homes and certain destruction, there is no other explanation at all. Driving from West point down to Highway 49 on highway 26 is a heartbreaking trip anymore, due to the Destruction of homes that had been there for almost 100 years and the surrounding countryside. It is a heartbreaking journey to be sure, and one I will never take again unless totally necessary. It breaks my heart to even talk about it. I myself had to evacuate my home for seven days and nights. I was fortunate enough to be able to load some clothes and belongings in my travel trailer and go to a friend of mine’s house and the little town of Campo Seco, where I first moved here in November 1963. His home is at the foot of the hill and the house that I rented for seven years. Sitting there for seven days, praying that my house and property would be saved from destruction, was one of the most trying times of my life. During that time I relived in my mind a lot of the times with my children when they were young and growing up there. They always speak lovingly of their time growing up when they lived in Campo Seco.Thankfully God answered my prayers and I praise his name for it.

On this day of Thanksgiving, I have so much to be thankful for, a home, wonderful family, and a host of wonderful friends, which includes you all of my beautiful bluegrass family. The circle has been stretched, but thankfully it remains unbroken. At this time I can’t think of anything else to say, other than thank you heavenly father for protecting me and mine. Amen

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