The Circle of Gigs

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There’s just something about a gig. Maybe it’s like a wedding and we’re all serial brides. It starts with the engagement…..”will you come play???”. Yes, of course, we’d love too! And we’ve got a split mind…one side says “It’s about time!” and the other side “Awww, someone likes us enough to ask”.

We fuss over the set list months in advance, maybe this, trying that, oh those two go together, maybe this one should be first, open a capella?, and we should make a statement by closing with this. What will we wear and how should we stand? And we practice and practice and practice and consult with a pro, experienced in these kinds of things, to perfect the arrangement, the sound, the image.

We arrive at the event hours ahead. One last run through before our procession, making everything just so. Perhaps it’s the nerves, maybe excitement, but a welcome flask appears to calm our minds and quell the nerves. One last touch up. Is everything in tune? It’s time to go down the aisle.

The ceremony’s a blur. Full of faces and sounds, knowing looks, coordinated movements. It’s over, we’re down the aisle and out the door greeted by some kisses, some hugs, slaps on the back, and handshakes. You were so good, beautiful.

And finally, we go honeymoon with our memories, over a burger and beer, and talk about what went right and what went wrong and plan for the next engagement.

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