The Day Before Thanksgiving

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Oh, who cares about the day BEFORE Thanksgiving? This poem is about Thanksgiving DAY!

The Day Of Thanksgiving

Twas the day of Thanksgiving and all through the place,
The aromas of cooking are caressing my face

The bird’s in the oven, awaiting a basting
While the gravy endures some pre-meal tasting

The table’s festooned with autumnal themes
It’s hard to imagine a homier scene

The guests are arriving and begin salivating
At the thoughts of holiday feast celebrating

Eventually the kitchen is devoid of all traces of food
Which has moved to the table, where it’s hungrily viewed

But before any of us can put a fork to a ham
Or a turkey or stuffing or salad or yam

Our blessings deserve a moment to consider
All the blessings our lives and families deliver

And hearts go out to those on hard times
May their fortunes be turned into joys sublime

Our time here on Earth is so pitifully brief
Let us rejoice with friends, family and feast

When the bird’s just a carcass and the table is cleared
We’ll doze on the couch, with football and beer

But maybe we’ll pick up our fiddles and bows
Guitars and banjos, mandolins and dobros

And raise our voices in a noise most pleasant
And make this corner of Earth a little slice of heaven

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