The fork in the road

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The proverbial fork in the road comes up many times a day. Most are very small detours but one way or another cause a different set of possibilities had you taken the other side of the fork. Who and what we are is based on each direction we have chosen through out our life. Though most were small variables in who we are they still add up to the sum of you.

The other forks may loom large in the make-up of you. Some you might not have per-sieved as large at the time but hind sight paints a whole other picture. It is the ones that we see as major forks that many times can be regrets later on. You may weigh them out and toil over them to derive at the best possible decision. Ultimately you just can’t factor in some of the variables because you have not traveled that path yet.

So often what we think will happen just does not come out the way we envisioned. It is possible that the outcome is better than you thought. Either way, you do the best that you can on the path you choose. You don’t want to be half way down the path just to realize it is the wrong one. Sometimes we are able to back track a little in hopes of choosing again but most times you just have to own where you are.

Most of us are a little different when it comes to choosing the direction at the fork. There are many ways to analyze it. Practical, logical, spiritual, rational, financial, or with the heart wants. Most will use a combination to come up with their choice. It is the heart that brings up the most room for error in judgment. The heart wants what it wants and there is just no changing that. Often times we choose based on the heart though it flies in the face of the other reasoning’s. Is this wrong? I suppose sometimes it could be but at times risking it to possibly have what your heart desires could be worth the gamble.

When we come to these major decisions it is just very difficult. There could be big hurt on the other end. It does not matter the nature of the decision that has to be made. Financial, career, loss, gain, friendship, love and so many more. It is the emotional forks that the heart shouts it’s demand to be the first to be considered. It is the one that can blind us the most. So we try to use other reasoning’s but it still boils down to the heart wants it. This is a fork with most slippery slope. It is going to be filled with the most possible pitfalls.

How do you, individually, rationalize these forks? Do you allow your heart to lead or use other checks and balances to do the best to make sure your heart is right. Knowing that in these matters there is just know way of absolutes coming into play while analyzing. Do you take the slippery slope and just own the ride, take it cautiously, or shy away from it and possibly miss out on something wonderful? I think your answer gives insight to who you are. I tend to follow the heart and hope it is true. In doing so you are throwing some caution into the wind and pray it is completely worth the ride.

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