The Fork In The Road

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Write something. What? Dry, completely dry. No ideas. Nothing. What’s up ahead? Where is the fork in the road? Even if I find it, which fork should I take? Oh, there it is. This particular fork has four prongs. Hmmmm, which one to take, which one should I take? Should I take the first prong, Rock ‘n Roll? The second one, classical? Or maybe the third one, folk music? Nope. I’m taking the fourth prong. Bluegrass!

Well that’s what I thought fifty years ago. Never been sorry. Never looked back. Just looked at the now and what’s up ahead.

The now started with a $2 banjo. The up ahead led me to playing with a few people, then more, then a band, and then going to bluegrass festivals. Mostly listening, but jamming once in a while.

Of course that led me to the 2nd annual FDF at Grass Valley, California. And then a once year delight as the thing grew and grew, and then grew some more. And then burst at the seams. A good burst, it was though.

And then in 2020 the thing stopped. By now you all know that the June 2020 CBA Father’s Day Festival at Grass Valley has been cancelled. But it will happen again. It will rise from the metaphorical ashes.

The bluegrass world is on hold in California. The bluegrass world is on hold in all of the states of the USA. The bluegrass world is on hold all over the world.

In the meantime we will wait. We will be patient. And we will not. We will go back and forth. In the meantime we will reflect on things bluegrass from the past, the present, and expectations for the future.

And we will remind ourselves that no matter what, we are beyond glad that we took that fourth prong of the fork in the road….

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