California Showcase

California Showcase Band Procedure



The California Showcase (CS) is an opportunity for California-based, non-fulltime, and non-professional Bluegrass, Old-time, and gospel bands to play on the Pioneer and Main Stages at the CBA Grass Valley Father’s Day Festival.


  • All bands submitting to CS must be California-based, non-touring bands, who have not been a CS band for the previous 3 years.
  • Bands should send submissions in mp3 format to the California Showcase Coordinator at
  • Each submission shall contain three songs, at least one of which is a slower number.
  • To preserve judging neutrality, video and CD submissions will not be accepted.
  • Submissions must be received by no later than November 30.
  • A volunteer panel of CBA members will evaluate “blind” the entries and the coordinator will submit the compiled results to the CBA board for selection.
  • Bands may simultaneously submit to both Vern’s Stage and CS, according to the guidelines of each stage.


  • Volunteer panel members will listen to and score “blind” the submissions.
  • Panel members should be literate in both Bluegrass, Old-time, and gospel music and not be members of any submitting band.
  • Coordinator will play submissions in random order for the panel.
  • Panel will rate each band numerically on their individual evaluation sheets according to the Coordinator’s instructions.
  • Coordinator may not vote.
  • Coordinator will collect all evaluation sheets and compile results; results will not be shared with the judging panel.
  • Board selects five bands and two “backup” bands.
  • Panel scoring is presented to CBA board – the board will make the final selection of the bands.
  • CBA Entertainment Coordinator alerts the five bands.
  • Allow one week for bands to commit.
  • If a backup band(s) is necessary, allow another week.