Volunteers are the lifeblood of the CBA. They are how we get things done. We’ll be right up front — we need your help! You don’t have to have any special skills to be a volunteer – just the desire to join with others to help put on a Bluegrass festival! You can help in many different ways, depending on your interest and experience. You can meet and greet people as they arrive at the festival; you can check them in or sell them tickets; you can help set up the stage and the booths; you can check wristbands as festival-goers enter the music area; you can sell ice, t-shirts or merchandise; you can drive a “Bluegrass Taxi” and more.

Some jobs start early during Festival week – and some happen during the 4-day festival. Some jobs happen where you can see and hear the Main Stage music, and some don’t!!

In addition to being Very Important People, volunteers get a free Four Day Festival Ticket (which includes dry camping during the festival) when they put in the required hours. If you can see and hear the Main Stage music you need to contribute 16 hours of service. This is usually four 4-hour shifts. Examples – Merchandise Booth, Membership Booth, Water booth. If you cannot see and hear the Main Stage music, you need to complete 12 hours of service. This is usually three 4-hour shifts. Examples – Ice Sales, Safety/Hospitality.

This year, we’re requiring that new volunteers pre-purchase a Festival ticket at a highly-discounted rate of $75. This will be fully refunded immediately when you complete your agreed-upon volunteer shifts.

We’re also looking for Crew Coordinators. These are people who have festival experience and take on responsibility for leading a crew. Coordinators contact volunteers, set up schedules and make sure the shifts are covered during the festival. It’s more work, but Coordinators get 2 four-day festival tickets. And the satisfaction of making a difference. If you are interested, let us know.

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Email volunteers@CaliforniaBluegrass.net for more information!

Festival Volunteer FAQ

How can I can I become a volunteer?

Contact us right now – don’t wait! – at volunteers@californiabluegrass.net or
call us at (844) BLU-GRASS (844-258-4727)

Do I need to be a member of the CBA to volunteer?

No – you don’t need to be a current CBA member to volunteer this year. But we strongly encourage you to be part of our community year-round (and we can’t think of why you wouldn’t want to join! Check out the benefits, here: Membership Info.

Do I need any special skills to be a volunteer?

We have a survey that we ask all volunteers to fill out. There are some jobs that require specific skills — for example, heavy equipment, electrical or catering — but the majority of our jobs just require your commitment, and ability to be a team player. If you want to help us put on a festival, you have the enthusiasm we’re looking for.

How many hours do I need to work to earn a free 4 day pass?

You need to work 16 hours if your job is where you can see and hear the shows. All other jobs require 12 hours of volunteer time.

Can I work more than the required time and earn more than one free ticket?

Sorry, only one free ticket per volunteer. If you have a friend who wants a ticket, they can volunteer and we may be able to schedule you to work together.

Do I have to wear my Volunteer Name Badge all the time at the Festival?

You must wear your name badge when you are working your volunteer shifts. However, we like everyone to wear their badge all the time, as volunteers are festival ambassadors. The badges are especially helpful when you’re jamming with people you haven’t played with before. . . .

What about T-Shirts?

You will receive a limited-edition Volunteer T-shirt for the 2024 Festival, which will ONLY be available to volunteers. Please wear it during your shifts, but if you’re like us, you will probably end up wanting to wear it for the entire festival — they’re that cool!

What if I've already purchased my ticket and volunteer?

You can request a time sheet from your Coordinator, to be filled out during the festival. At the end of the Festival on Sunday, a copy of your time sheet signed by your coordinator will be given to the Volunteer Coordinator. The price you paid for your ticket will then be refunded to you.

How do I volunteer to help at a CBA festival or concert other than the Fathers Day Festival?

Contact the Regional Director for the area you are interested in or contact volunteers@californiabluegrass.net.  You can also look up our Facebook group for CBA
volunteers that describes all the upcoming volunteer activities.

How do I get on the Volunteer Coordinator's mailing list?

If you volunteered last year you are on the list. If you did not then just contact volunteers@californiabluegrass.net