Festival Rules

Image of buildings on main street of Nevada City

We ask for your cooperation in abiding by the rules which are a necessary part of such a large event. The Board of Directors and the festival personnel have thought out these rules carefully and ask for your cooperation during your stay at the Fairgrounds. Please read the following rules and regulations carefully and give us your full cooperation. If everyone follows these simple guidelines, we can all enjoy our festival days together in harmony and listen to some wonderful music!

TICKETS are non-refundable. All sales are final. The Festival is held rain or shine.

All seating is General Admission. For the main stage, bring regular lawn chairs or blankets for seating. Except for assigned VIP seating in the first rows, all seating is strictly “bring your own” and chair height must be lower than 37” in the center section. Anyone may sit in an empty chair until that chair is reclaimed by its owner.

For those interested in placing their lawn chairs in their preferred spots in the main stage area, attendees will be admitted to the grounds at 7:00am on Thursday, June 13.

Festival camping begins on Wednesday June 12 at noon. If you arrive earlier, you will need a Pre-Festival Jamboree pass to enter the fairgrounds.

The Pre-festival Jamboree starts Saturday, June 8 at noon. You Jamboree pass includes free tent (or camper van) camping. Space of large RV dry camping, or RV hook-ups are available at extra cost. Each adult 18 and over requires a Pre-Festival Jamboree wristband to enter the fairgrounds. Youth 17 and under are free when accompanied by an adult.

Single day ticket holders will be required to park in the Gate 1 parking lot and enter through Gate 1. Gate 4 entry will be for multiday ticket holders only.

Please keep your ID band on at all times. Your ticket entitles you to enter the fairgrounds and participate in all musical performances on the date or dates covered by the ticket. Camping fees are included in all four-day tickets. You will be banded when your ticket is taken at the entrance at Gate 1. No replacements will be made unless you purchase another ticket. All festival attendees need to be banded. Security personnel will be checking for ID bands and will ask un-banded persons to leave the fairgrounds or purchase a ticket.

Public drunkenness is not permitted in the audience area. Persons who interfere with the enjoyment of the rest of the audience will be asked to leave the area.

The festival site is drug free. Anyone caught using illegal drugs must leave the fairgrounds for the balance of the festival.

Help maintain the cleanliness of the grounds and restrooms. Deposit all trash in available bins and recyclable containers in appropriate bins. Please leave trash barrels where they are. Additional containers are available if needed. Just ask.

This is an all ages event, but parents are responsible for their children at all times. Please be sure you know where your children are and what they are doing. There is an organized children’s program with scheduled times listed in the program you receive at the gate. However, this is not a day care service. Parents must either remain with their child[ren] or return to pick them up at the conclusion of the program and at lunch breaks.

The ditch that runs throughout the festival grounds is a part of the fresh water system for the town of Grass Valley. Please make sure that you, your children, and your pets stay out of it. Do not wade in it, drink from it, wash in it, or throw trash in it.

We are an acoustic festival – Please leave your amplifiers and electric instruments at home.

Scooter or skateboard riding and roller-blading or skating are prohibited on the festival grounds.

Bicycles are only allowed in the camping areas – not the inner fairgrounds.

Only California street legal motorcycles are allowed on the fairgrounds.

Golf carts and ATVs are not allowed on the fairgrounds, except official festival vehicles. All others are prohibited on the festival grounds from Monday prior to the festival until Monday following the festival. This does not apply to single-person battery operated vehicles used by people with health conditions or impairments.

Campfires are prohibited. Keep a close watch on camp stoves, barbecues, lanterns, etc. Make sure they are completely out when not in use.

Dogs and cats are allowed in most of the camping areas during the festival. They are not allowed in the tent-camping-only area or the inner fairground area. Owners must comply with the CBA’s policies.

Only tents, camper-vans or camp trailers are allowed in this designated area. “Camper vans” refers to Class B RV’s, which are typically on an auto / van chassis, and less than 22 feet long. Examples: VW Westfalia, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Winnebago Solis. “Camp Trailers” refers to trailers as defined under CVC § 242 (16 feet or less). Examples: tent trailers, teardrop trailers

Be aware that acoustic music is played around the clock in the campground, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. Please join in the fun and enjoy the jamming. A designated “Quiet Camping Area” is available, where we ask that no jamming take place between 10:00pm and 8:00am. See the festival map, or ask for directions as you check in.

Only festival officials are allowed to rope off areas. Due to the large number of campers, “saving a spot” for a friend who is coming later is not allowed. If your group wants to be together, try to arrive at about the same time.

The audience seating area is a no smoking zone. Please be considerate of your fellow audience members and smoke only around the perimeter or camping areas.

For a variety of reasons, including cleanliness of the fairgrounds, avoidance of congestion, security, crowd control, and the fulfillment of the CBA’s contractual commitments, no ticket holder is authorized to sell merchandise or carry on any commercial enterprise at the festival without a concessionaire’s permit obtained prior to the start of the festival in accordance with the rules and procedures of the CBA. No ticket holder is authorized to distribute or post literature, leaflets, flyers, circulate petitions, picket or carry signs, or set up booths or tables in connection therewith without the express written permission of the Board of Directors of the California Bluegrass Association obtained prior to the festival.

You may not take video of artists’ stage performances unless specifically allowed and permission is indicated by a sign displayed near the stage stating that video recording is permitted. If permitted, this permission applies only to the artist on stage at the time the sign is displayed. Persons who record bands against their wishes will be asked to stop by security personnel. If they refuse, they will be asked to leave the fairgrounds.

Recording directly through the sound system or the CBA’s feed from there is prohibited unless written consent to do so has been obtained from the CBA Board of Directors prior to the festival.

In compliance with the federal Americans With Disabilities Act and the Unruh Civil Right Act (California Code sections 54-55.2), individuals with a service or support animal or persons who are licensed to train service or support animals are allowed to bring said animal to the festival. A service or support animal is expected to behave appropriately and unobtrusively as it assists its owner. While in common areas, it shall be on a leash, in a carrier, or otherwise under the direct control of its owner.

Campers and RVs may draw electrical power only from designated outlets. Water faucets and connections are scarce and should be shared.

If you must run a generator on your RV to charge your battery or for any other reason, please keep the time minimal. Do not use your generator after 10 pm or before 8 am.

Image of buildings on main street of Nevada City
Image of buildings on main street of Nevada City
Image of buildings on main street of Nevada City
Image of buildings on main street of Nevada City

The California Bluegrass Association reserves the right to deny admission to anyone, and/or to have anyone removed from the fairgrounds if necessary or desirable at the discretion of the Festival Director or the CBA Board of Directors.

We hope you enjoy the festival.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at Festival@CaliforniaBluegrass.net