June 15-18, 2023
Grass Valley, California

Vern’s Stage

Vern’s Stage Band Procedure



Vern’s Stage presents opportunities for California-based Bluegrass and Old-time bands to perform at the CBA’s Father’s Day Festival.


To be eligible to play Vern’s Stage, bands:

  • must be based in California;
  • must play Bluegrass and/or Old-time music;
  • must have experience gigging together as a band;
  • must not have played Vern’s Stage during last year’s festival (i.e., 2022) with the exception of Youth Bands (bands with a majority of members under the age of 18 are eligible in consecutive years).

All submitting bands should be prepared to send:

A newly recorded self-made video demo submission with at least 2 (and no more than 3) songs/tunes that are representative of the music your band would play on Vern’s Stage. At the start of this video, introduce the band, clearly state the date and your location, and then perform 2 or 3 pieces in a row without any edits. You will need to submit your recording as a YouTube or Dropbox (or similar) link.

NOTE: We expect cellphone or tablet quality and not professionally shot videos.

In addition, the submission form will ask you to provide the following:

(1) a band photo (jpeg formatted, high-resolution/300dpi, approximately 3” wide); (2) a biography of your band suitable for publication in the festival program (between 200 to 400 words); (3) a list of dates and locations of your band’s most recent 4-6 gigs; and, (4) a list of days/times that your band is available during the festival.


The submission process opened on September 1 and will remain open until midnight, November 1, 2022. Bands are invited to submit via our web form. See the link below.

bluegrass group performing on Vern's Stage


The submission process is now closed. Thanks very much to all the bands that applied. Be sure to watch this page for any further updates.