The California Bluegrass Association presents…

Summer Music Camp

Pricing, Registration, and Payment

We will be posting this year’s prices and registration form soon!

Online registration for 2022 will open February 7th at noon PST.

Registration opens February 7.  Check back here to register!


Online registration lets you pay for camp with PayPal or a credit card. On the registration page you can indicate your first second and third choice for morning intensive class and select any other options (camping, meals, etc.) you’d like. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal. You can also print out the filled-in registration page and mail it in with a check or money order.

You may also register by email. You can even sign up by email if you don’t have a checking account. Most banks offer a check service especially those with online banking. You can ask your bank to send us a check for the registration amount drawn on your account and then email us a pdf or scan of the completed registration form and say that the check is on the way from your bank.

Registration opens on February 7th. The intensive classes and teachers will all be selected by that time and listed on the Instructors page. If, after you sign up, you should change your mind about the class you want to take, you’re free to change as long as the other class still has space, but the intensive classes tend to fill up quickly.

Payments and Deposits
We recommend paying in full when you register. You may pay for tuition initially and pay for meals and/or camping later, but we do not guarantee camping spaces or meal tickets. And remember prices go up after May 1st!

You can submit your completed registration form and a deposit of $100 to hold your place, but bear in mind that the late fee of $100 will be added if tuition is not paid in full by May 1st, unless you make special arrangements. 

Camp registration is basically first-come first-served with preference given to CBA members in the case of a tie. Registrations that come in before Feb 7th are held until Feb 7th to be processed. At that point all waiting registrations from CBA members will have priority. Become a member (link)

We determine priority by when you sign up, not when we receive it, and we go by which day you sign up, regardless of what time it is. So, mailing a check anytime on a Monday, for example, will place you in line along with everyone else who mails a check or signs up online that day. For that reason, sending it priority mail is not necessary—we use the date of the postmark. If a class overfills on any given day, then we look at factors like age, prior attendance at camp, CBA membership, etc. when making decisions about who’s in the class and who’s on the waiting list.

If you’re not sure you’ll be able to come, the easiest thing to do is sign up with a deposit of an amount that you’re willing to donate to the scholarship fund if you can’t make it. That makes it easy for everyone if you have to cancel.

If you sign up with full fees and unexpected circumstances force you to cancel, we can refund your fees. We don’t charge a set cancellation fee, but we do ask that you donate a portion of your refund (any amount) to next year’s scholarship fund, to make up for the inconvenience. 

Note: Paypal fees will not be refunded.

Exceptions: Cancellations received after June 1st receive only a partial refund and “no-shows” (those who, without warning, fail to show up at camp by Monday morning), receive no refund and forfeit their spot.

Sleep-In option
If you’d like to attend the CBA Summer Music Camp without taking any morning intensive class, that can be arranged.  Contact us for more information.


There are two types of scholarships available: full scholarships, which cover full tuition and in some cases also meals and camping; and partial scholarships.

Almost all of our scholarships are partial scholarships—you cover any costs of meals and camping, and pay as much as you can towards tuition, and we cover the rest up to half of your total cost. To apply for a partial scholarship, fill out a registration form, entering the amount you can pay towards tuition, and mail it in, with a check for that amount, and also include a brief letter explaining your situation and requesting the scholarship. If you’re really broke, some complimentary meal tickets may be available; you can also bring and cook your own food. If we can’t offer you the scholarship we’ll assume you’re not coming and simply refund your money.

We may also have a few full scholarships available. These are intended for low-income young people who are devoted to playing bluegrass and/or old time music. If this sounds like you, your child, or someone you know, please call us to apply.

Scholarship recipients, or their parents, are requested to help out at camp with a camp chore or two (there are many to choose from!)

The scholarship program is made possible through the donations of generous CBA members and other music campers who pay a little extra to help fund it. We are extremely grateful to them!


A registration for the CBA Summer Music Camp makes a fun and educational Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, birthday, New Year, or whatever gift.