The California Bluegrass Association presents...

Summer Music Camp

June 9th-12th 2024

Thank you for your interest. All our 2024 Volunteer positions have been filled.


We are grateful for our strong team of Volunteers, who help keep our camp running smoothly. Want to join us?  To volunteer, please see the big blue “How to Apply” section at the bottom of this page.

(Note: This page refers to the CBA Summer Music Camp that takes place just before the CBA Father’s Day Festival.   To volunteer at the CBA Father’s Day Festival visit the FDF Volunteer Page.)

The Music Camp needs three different types of Volunteers: Teaching Assistants, Office Staff, and “Roustabouts.”  You can read about each of them below.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and CBA members.

Music Camp Volunteers – TAs, Office Staff, and Roustabouts – receive the following compensation:

  • all meals during Music Camp
  • dry tent camping during Music Camp and Father’s Day Festival
  • a four-day Father’s Day Festival ticket
  • the opportunity to attend afternoon and evening events when not performing their Volunteer duties

Please note: Volunteers do not have access to morning classes unless they are a TA for a class or unless they pay in full for the class (in either case, attendance shall not interfere with their Volunteer duties).

Teaching Assistants


  • The TA’s job is to help the teacher and the students as needed in and out of class.
  • TAs need to be proficient with the instrument or vocal material in the class they are TA-ing for as well as have some experience with teaching.
  • TAs need to arrive on site by noon on Sunday, although arriving earlier to help set up is appreciated.
  • TAs keep track of students: Count heads, check name tags against the class list. For any discrepancies, let us know.
  • Learn what the instructor needs (get copies, chairs, water, play lead or backup, etc.). Ask us if you need help.
  • If the class location is not working out, solve the problem! Move outside or ask about other options.
  • During class, watch the students. If you see anyone struggling, do what you can to help them.
  • Do what you can to control student talking/noodling in class. The other students will appreciate it!
  • You’re in charge of your classroom space: arrange the chairs as needed, deal with lost and found items, keep it clean.

Tasks for All Music Camp Volunteers Outside of Class

  •  Attend the volunteer staff meeting on Sunday at 3:30.
  • Carry a cellphone and make sure that the Camp Director knows the number.
  • Help with chairs or other issues as needed.
  • Host one or more afternoon electives or evening jams.
  • Help keep dogs and bicycles out of the fairgrounds during the festival.
  • Help newcomers adjust to camp, reach out to anyone looking lost and make an effort to include and encourage them in jams.
  • Possibly act as a stage manager or emcee for staff, student, and/or volunteer concerts.
  • Possibly help host the Music Store Happy Hour and clean up afterwards.

Office Staff


  • Check people in at the start of camp and provide info during the camp.
  • Arrive Sunday morning to prepare to check students in Sunday afternoon.
  • Staff the office, answering questions and coordinating with the directors.
  • Provide information to people during camp.
  • Help pack up the office on Wednesday.



  • Set up the shade structures and move items during camp.
  • Retrieve the pop-up shade structures from the storage facility, assemble them, and distribute them on Saturday.
  • Reposition the shade structures on Wednesday during the Father’s Day Festival changeover.
  • Take down and pack up the shade structures at the end of the festival on Sunday.

Tasks for All Music Camp Volunteers Outside of Camp

  • Publicize the camp on social media: on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with hashtag #CBAcamp
  • Publicize the camp to your friends: talk them into coming to camp, too.
  • Publicize the camp at music stores.
  • Publicize the camp at performances and mention camp at gigs.
  • Publicize the camp on your website: link to the camp website.
  • Publicize the camp any way you can: there must be lots of ways we haven’t thought of. . .
  • Possibly give an instructor or camper a ride from/to the airport or the Bay Area.
  • Possibly host instructors or campers who need a place to stay the night before or after camp.
  • And did we mention publicizing the camp?

How to Apply

Send email to indicating your interest and include the below:

Birthdate (m/d/y):
CBA member number:
Phone (cell?) and postal address
Instrument(s) you play and level:
How comfortable you are singing:
Style(s) of music you play:
Skill at assembling pop-up structures, lifting, etc.:
Availability from the Saturday before camp to Father’s Day:
Years that you’ve attended the Father’s Day Festival:
Years that you’ve attended the CBA Music Camp:
Any physical limitations:

You can call us at the number below:

(844) BLU-GRASS   (844-258-4727)

Please let us know as soon as possible.